City of Oshkosh, Child Abduction Response Team

The Child Abduction Response Team (CART) in the City of Oshkosh wanted to enable real-time mapping and spatial data processing to help quickly deploy targeted search and rescue resources.

They use FME to automatically process and map incidents, leads, and assets. For example, FME connects the lead tracking SQL database to ArcGIS Online, and keeps the map up to date with new information reported by the public. The map shows the Place Last Seen and a quarter-mile buffer, enabling the team to focus initial search efforts within that area.

Automatically generating maps frees the GIS team to focus on tasks that depend on human judgment, like verifying leads before they get mapped. Using FME ensures the spatial data is mapped more accurately and efficiently. Data is processed and sent to ArcGIS Online within seconds, giving CART members real-time information and enabling fast decision making.

The City of Oshkosh is the 9th largest city in Wisconsin, USA, with a population of about 67,000.

“FME automatically updates spatial data within seconds versus manual updates that were very time consuming. This was the missing component.” -- Matthew Lenox, GIS Administrator, City of Oshkosh