City of Coquitlam

FME enables the City of Coquitlam to solve diverse data integration challenges across multiple departments and contributes to the delivery of quality programs and services.

Building on the success of existing FME use cases, the City of Coquitlam now needed to integrate data between IBM Maximo, Tempest (the city’s utility billing system), and a third-party recycling and garbage cart vendor to process service requests in a timely manner.

Using FME, the workflow parses Maximo for requests that need to be addressed, such as the exchange of garbage or organics carts or the delivery of new carts, and creates a work order spreadsheet that’s sent to the vendor. Once updated work orders are returned from the vendor and entered into Maximo, FME automatically modifies the resident’s utility bill in Tempest to reflect changes in cost.

By fully automating integration processes and removing data silos, the City of Coquitlam sees significant improvement in data integrity and accessibility between its internal teams and external vendors. They are also equipped with actionable insight that enables service requests to be addressed quickly while minimizing potential manual errors in billing. With FME, the time taken by staff to complete cart transactions has been greatly reduced.

Coquitlam is the 6th largest city in British Columbia with over 150,000 residents and more than 80 municipal parks.

“Whenever I need to integrate or create different types of documents and gather information from various databases and make updates, I rely on FME as it makes the integration of multiple formats quite easy.” – Andrew Philipp, City of Coquitlam