Athena Intelligence

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Athena Intelligence uses data integration to generate unique insights and solutions for their clients. 

Athena Intelligence serves some of the world’s largest food companies by integrating land, food, water, and energy data to maximize food supply chains and resources.

Their data comes in hundreds of different formats, including geospatial, satellite imagery, private data, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Individually, each dataset has value, but Athena Intelligence knew that if they could integrate the data and visualize it in a business intelligence platform, they could discover new insights and untapped solutions that offer large commercial value.

Athena Intelligence had all the data they needed for integrating into Tableau. The problem was that the data required blending and transforming before entering Tableau.

Trying to pull together hundreds of disparate datasets was frustrating, and Athena Intelligence feared the only answer would be to build a myriad of database scripts. They needed a better solution.

How they made it possible – no code required.

Athena Intelligence used FME to prepare the data for Tableau. They used the pre-programmed tools (Transformers) in FME’s visual interface to build workflows that integrate and massage data from disparate sources, including Esri Shapefile, KML, GeoTIFF, CSV Excel, and more.

Customers can now interact with the aggregated information to display business intelligence. New information is revealed by tapping into spatial data and bringing together previously unconnected datasets.

FME speeds the process of on-boarding and investment, and Athena plans to apply FME Cloud in the future to automate data loading on a scheduled basis.

FME Products Used

If you want to prepare data for business intelligence, FME can help. Spend more time using data and less time fighting it. Try FME for free.

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“Tableau makes data beautiful, FME gets data to the point where it can be made beautiful. FME is the secret sauce.” -- David Sypnieski, Athena Intelligence