Athena Intelligence

Athena Intelligence needed to transform data for integration into Tableau to power decision support for strategic & sustainable food supply chain clients.

The ability to filter through multiple contexts with a single click requires an enormous amount of data blending, something that requires transformation prior to the data entering Tableau. They achieved this by using the pre-programmed tools called transformers in FME’s visual interface to build workflows that integrate and massage data from disparate sources including Esri Shapefile, KML, GeoTIFF, CSV, Excel, and dozens more.

Replacing their expectations of building a myriad of database scripts and functions, these FME workflows, designed without writing any code, now prepare the data for Tableau. Customers can then interact with the aggregated information to reveal business intelligence. FME already speeds the process of on-boarding and investment, and Athena plans to apply FME Cloud in the future to automate data loading on a scheduled basis.

Athena Intelligence provides dynamic business intelligence to the food supply network and associated stakeholders.

“Tableau makes data beautiful, FME gets data to the point where it can be made beautiful. FME is the secret sauce.” -- David Sypnieski, Athena Intelligence