Videos from the FME International User Conference 2014 are now available.Just in time for summer, videos and slides from the recent FME International User Conference 2014 were posted earlier this week.

But with 81 videos, sorted into 35 tags, totaling over 34 hours of footage – there’s a LOT of content. So where should you start?

Top 15 Videos from the FME UC

To help plan your viewing, here are the top 15 sessions as voted on by conference attendees:

  1. google-keynoteOpening Remarks and Reflections on 20 Years — Don Murray and Dale Lutz, Safe Software (More in the Day 1 recap)
  2. FME 2015 and Beyond — Don Murray and Dale Lutz, Safe Software (More in the Day 3 recap)
  3. Beyond 49x Transformers: Don’t be afraid of (the) Python! — Tino Miegel, con terra
  4. Mapping at Scale: Google Maps Engine and FME — Adam Evans, Google (More in the Day 3 recap)
  5. Production of a Midscale Road Reference Network with FMElast-mile-to-the-customer — Bruno De Lat, GIM
  6. The Last Mile to the Customer – Building Focused Apps Based on FME Server Functionality — Mark Döring, con terra
  7. Process Optimisation at the Ordnance Survey Great Britain — David Eagle, 1Spatial
  8. Do Your Learnings — Paul Ramsey, Boundless (More in the Day 1 recap)
  9. Illuminating the World: Generating Night Scenes with FMEDo Your Learnings, says Paul Ramsey – Joanna Hobbins, CAE
  10. CAD Data Validation using FME — George Crowe, Colonial Pipeline Company
  11. We Interrupt your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast… Real Time Lightning Alerts From The Weather Network — Mark Ireland, Safe Software (presenting on behalf of Pelmorex)
  12. Problem Solving and Product Delivery with FME in a Survey / Engineering company all your bim are belong to us— Tim Albert, Focus Corporation
  13. Enabling a Campus-wide, Seamless Geodatabase from CAD Drawings — Steve Grise, Vertex3
  14. All your BIM are belong to us – Revit and FME for Enterprise Data Management — Greg Schleusner, HOK
  15. Managing Data Synchronization Between ArcSDE and PostGIS using FME — Jerrod Stutzman, Devon Energy

Honourable mentions to Tim Downing, Michael Oberdries, Peter Laulund, Christian Heisig, and Dr. Lutz Ross.

What If I’m Only Interested in 1-2 Topics?

35 Tags for the FME UC VideosJust because you like watching TV, doesn’t mean you enjoy both CSPAN and ESPN. We get that. So, here are two ways to find what you want:

1. Tags: The videos have been sorted into 35 different tags, ranging from Open Data to ArcGIS Online, and yes Don, even to XML.

2. Search: Use the search bar on the main page to search titles.

What’s Your Favourite Moment?

People have been taking to Twitter to share their favourites.

My favourite clip from the videos is the same as Guido’s… Don getting escorted out of his own conference.

So pull up a few chairs, call your friends, and let this weekend’s FME UC video marathon begin.

…And be sure to share your favourite moment, either in the comments below or to #FMEUC.

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Roger Aikema


2 Responses to “Top 15 Videos from the FME International User Conference 2014”

  1. Unknown says:

    Please publish a blog post which helps programmers coming from other fields.
    1) If() condition equivalent….
    2) for/while/do-while equivalent
    3) grouping stuff into functions
    4) allow defining global MAGIC numbers somewhere in the FME workbench file, which can be included in other files. Why do I have to compare against 5000 in ten different places, I can define it in one place, and change it later.
    5) Other things which might help to construct useful FME programs right away.

    Please post this as the first entry in your FAQ so it helps rookies and can be indexed by search engines.


  2. Roger Aikema says:

    @Unknown – thanks for the comment. I pinged Mark Ireland who was intrigued by the idea of a blog post on this topic. He had a few potential resources which may be of interest in the interim.

    First off, he wrote a post last year that covers parts of this: FME 2013-SP1: Conditional Processing in FME. The FME training course has a section on practical transformer use which covers if() style conditions; for/while etc would be covered by looping in custom transformers in the advanced course. He was particularly intrigued by #4 and will be looking into that.

    If you haven’t already done so, it’s worth taking a look around, in particular checking out the many Knowledge Base articles and also the Answers Q&A site.

    Does that help?


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