FME for Local Government

September 17 (Hosted by IMGS)

At this webinar, we will discuss how FME can automate data updates to and from third parties (such as road opening requests) and how this data is validated to ensure accurate data. Additionally, we will also demonstrate how FME can support data updates to Open Data and Government Portals.

BIM Conversion & Analysis Workshop: Story of the I-35W Bridge Collapse

September 18

Get tips on working with 3D and BIM data in this look at the 2007 Minneapolis I-35W bridge collapse.

MicroStation DGN: How to Integrate CAD and GIS

September 24

See how to move data between Bentley MicroStation and GIS solutions like Esri ArcGIS, Intergraph and MapInfo. Go beyond basic CAD / GIS conversion and see how to transform MicroStation cells, text, lines, symbology, tags, etc exactly as needed. Plus see how to reproject to any coordinate system and use automated techniques to handle database links and provide self-serve data collection and validation services.

An Introduction to FME Server

September 26 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

Technical Director, Cloud Services at Safe Software, Stewart Harper will also join us on this webinar.

Best Practice Techniques for Using FME

October 30 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

FME Live Product Demo


Learn how you can easily transform spatial data to use and share with an overview of FME.

7 Spatial Database Tips for PostGIS, Oracle, and SQL Server

Recorded August 2014

Become a database dynamo with these productivity-boosting tips. Discover how to connect your spatial database with 325+ data sources - including tabular, raster and GIS – without any coding. You'll see how to spatialize ordinary data, view it on a map, and learn about automated techniques for updates/deletes, edit/change detection, as well as data validation.

How to Develop for Data Transformation with FME Server

Recorded August 2014

Find out how you can use FME Server to power the backend of a custom application. We'll explore FME Server's REST API and demonstrate how it can be used to integrate custom applications with services hosted by FME Server. We'll also share how support for URLs, code snippets, XML, JSON, and more provide even more possibilities, a give several practical examples.

7 Ways to Unlock the Power of GE Smallworld

Recorded August 2014

Open a big world of possibilities with Smallworld and FME. First, see how to integrate GE Smallworld with 325+ formats and applications via a point-and-click interface. Then, leverage location intelligence to analyze and report on network assets, perform data validation, provide self-serve data download, and more – all of which can be easily turned into automated workflows.

5 Tips to Become an Esri Geodatabase Power User

Recorded July 2014

See how to load and export Geodatabase with the ability to integrate with 325+ data sources. You'll also learn tactics to help you read and transform annotations, write relationship classes and attachments (1:1 or 1:Many), perform incremental updates with versioning, as well as read and extract subtype and domain values.

10 Common JSON Problems... SOLVED!

Recorded July 2014

Create harmony between JSON and applications. Join us as we explore ways to leverage data transformation and automation to improve these common JSON scenarios: 1. JSON Parser 2. JSON Validator 3. JSON Formatter 4. JSON Converter (e.g. XML to JSON) 5. JSON Transformation 6. Web Services & JSON 7. Sensors & JSON 8. GIS & JSON 9. Spreadsheets & JSON 10. GeoJSON & EsriJSON