April 23

How to Intelligently Process and Deliver Real-Time Data with FME Server

Find out how to instantly deliver data to users exactly how it's needed.

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  • May 7

    The Secret to Mapnik Mastery

    Mapnik is an open source cartographic rasterizer with the ability to generate beautiful raster imagery. Add a point-and-click integration with FME for a powerful new combination. You'll find out how to create mind-blowing mashups in Mapnik with FME's ability to integrate data from 325+ sources. You'll also see how to optimize data before it reaches Mapnik – including the ability to perform a wide range of geometry transformations. And with the new MapnikRasterizer transformer, all of this is done with scalable and automated workflows at your fingertips – no Python, XML or CSS needed.

  • May 15

    FME and Google Maps Engine Webinar (Hosted by Navagis)

    Navagis is proud to be partnering with Safe Software, makers of FME, to demonstrate the ease of making your current enterprise data available for display with Google Maps and integrated, maps-based applications. Google Maps is helping utility and energy companies by making it easier to map and track assets, field resources and customer data. Navagis and Safe Software's innovative solutions offer companies the ability to utilize Google offerings fully, enabling improved operational efficiency, better customer service, and empowered enterprise-wide stakeholders who can make better decisions faster.

  • June 26

    How to Enable Self-Serve Access with FME Server

    Learn how to provide self-serve access to FME-powered data transformations. You'll see how you can offload distribution tasks to the end-user with automated transformations of downloaded data. You'll also see how you can give users the power to transform, validate and load data on their own. The best part about enabling self-serve access is that end users don't even have to learn how to use FME.

  • August 7

    How to Develop for Data Transformation with FME Server

    Find out how you can use FME Server to power the backend of a custom application. We'll explore FME Server's REST API and demonstrate how it can be used to integrate custom applications with services hosted by FME Server. We'll also share how support for URLs, code snippets, XML, JSON, and more provide even more possibilities, a give several practical examples.

  • INSPIRE Success Stories with FME

    Join Safe Software and some of partners for a look at where organizations are using FME to meet INSPIRE requirements today! Recorded March 2014

  • Deep Dive into FME Server 2014

    Find out what's new and great in FME Server 2014. Plus learn about the new way to deploy: FME Cloud. Recorded February 2014

  • Unveiling FME 2014

    Discover what's great in FME 2014, hosted by Safe Software's co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz. Recorded January 2014

  • Unveiling FME Cloud

    Join us for the reveal of FME Cloud (beta), the new cloud-optimized deployment of FME Server technology. Recorded November 2013

  • Web Services... Made Easy Without Any Coding

    Learn how to use FME to easily consume data from, and publish data to - virtually any web service including REST services like WFS, Atom, SOS, and OData. Recorded September 2013

  • Deep Dive into FME Desktop 2013

    FME 2013 provides new and enhanced formats and transformers to help you boldly take your data where it hasn't gone before. Recorded January 2013

  • Unveiling FME 2013

    View the archived recording of our launch day unveiling of FME 2013. Recorded January 2013

  • Deep Dive into FME Server 2013

    Learn more about FME Server 2013, with a deep dive into its new features from Safe's co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz. Recorded January 2013

  • Writing XML with FME

    Discover how FME makes it simple to work with XML data, in this second of two webinars on XML. Recorded February 2012

  • Reading XML with FME

    Discover how you can easily read XML data without needing to learn XML tools like XQuery or XSLT. Recorded February 2012

  • Master Interoperability within ArcGIS

    Learn how FME technology allows you to easily use and share spatial data in your ArcGIS environment, regardless of its originating format or structure. Recorded February 2011

  • FME Cloud

    Hosted by Inovação Tecnologia da Informação Geografica

    Hosted by Inovação Tecnologia da Informação Geografica Recorded February 2014

  • FME y ArcGIS

    Hosted by con terra GmbH

    FME y ArcGIS Platform - Webinar en Español Recorded November 2013

  • Making the Most of data.gov.uk with FME

    Hosted by 1Spatial

    This webinar will show you how having access to FME can make consuming this vast array of data just that little bit more manageable. Recorded December 2012

  • Implementing INSPIRE with FME

    Hosted by 1Spatial

    This webinar will present our methodology and a worked example around the INSPIRE Annex I, Protected Sites theme to show how you can transform your data, no matter what Annex it applies to. Recorded October 2012

  • FME Desktop for AutoCAD Users

    Hosted by 1Spatial

    This webinar is designed to cover topics pertinent to Autodesk AutoCAD users and will aid you in the production of data that is fit for purpose, accurate and structured for your CAD environment. Recorded August 2012

  • What's New in FME 2012?

    Hosted by 1Spatial

    In this webinar 1Spatial will complement the webinars that Safe Software have been running directly by drilling down into a little more detail regarding some of the key capabilities that come with this new release. Recorded July 2012

  • FME for MapInfo Professional

    Hosted by 1Spatial

    An overview of some of the capabilities that FME has when used in conjunction with MapInfo Professional or as a way of helping you to prepare your MapInfo data. Recorded July 2012

  • Python Scripting in FME

    Hosted by con terra GmbH

    Get an overview of Python scripting in FME from con terra GmbH with a guest appearance from Safe Software's Ken Bragg in this technical webinar. Recorded June 2012