Deep Dive into FME Server 2015

January 29

Explore what's new and great in FME Server 2015 and FME Cloud.

Geospatial and Minecraft - Why You Should Care

February 11

Top organizations are embracing Minecraft for a gaming approach to real-world scenarios. But why? And how? Join us as we look at actual examples: from rapid design prototyping, to increasing citizen and youth engagement, to helping urban planners create the perfect city block. We'll also show how you can integrate your GIS, CAD, and BIM data sources with Minecraft in an automated way. Game on!

Data Validation Victories: Tips for Better Data Quality

February 18

Get tips on improving data quality via success stories on data validation, including guest presenters from Colonial Pipeline and Global Information Systems. Sign up for this webinar and you'll receive the A's to your Q's on data QA (quality assurance).

Tips for performance tweaking your FME processes

February 26 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

During this webinar we’ll highlight some useful performance tips and tricks to help you to make your data flow faster through your FME processes.

Using FME with the Google platform

June 23 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

Whether it’s Google Drive, Google Earth, Google Gallery, Google Maps Engine or Google Mail that you care about, this session should peak your interest by showing you approaches to integrating with the Google infrastructure in an efficient way for data collaboration nd sharing.

Using FME to Interact with Web Services and APIs

August 18 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

FME is increasingly being used to consume assorted web services and connect to APIs by our FME customers. During this webinar we'll show you some of the more innovative uses that are helping them to integrate this dynamic data into their daily data workflows.

FME Live Product Demo


Learn how you can easily transform spatial data to use and share with an overview of FME.

Deep Dive into FME Desktop 2015

Recorded January 2015

Explore what's new and great in FME Desktop 2015.

Unveiling FME 2015 - A Live Event

Recorded January 2015

Discover what's new in FME 2015 with a live unveiling from co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz.

How to Overcome 7 Top AutoCAD Road 'Blocks'

Recorded December 2014

Learn techniques for solving 7 common AutoCAD challenges. First, discover how to perform high-fidelity data exchange between AutoCAD and Esri ArcGIS. Next, see how to sync your AutoCAD design with external data sources - including databases, GPX, and CSV - and then automatically label any new inputs, such as with parcels. Plus see how to restructure between CAD standards and perform automated QA on your data.

The XYZ's of LiDAR: Lessons from 6 Point Cloud Wins

Recorded November 2014

Explore lessons learned on LiDAR data processing via user success stories. Through actual examples, you'll see how you can integrate point clouds with GIS, CAD, and raster. You'll also learn tips for extracting value from LiDAR by clipping, tiling, filtering, classifying, reprojecting, creating a DEM / DSM, and much more. (Plus, stick around for a bonus Minecraft story.)

Utilities Industry Success Stories with FME

Recorded October 2014

Find out how different utilities around the world are using FME, including several case studies and guest presenters from Georgia Power.

How to Master Raster (Faster) - Tips and Examples

Recorded October 2014

Expand your raster skills as we build on 17 Ways to Be a Raster Master, with a closer look at 5 real-world examples. Say "no more" to NoData and learn how to extract information from rasters – including using numerical expressions. Also, see how to store rasters in a database, extract raster features, overcome reprojection difficulties, overlay raster data, generate raster outputs (featuring Mapnik), and more.

Introduction to FME Cloud + Live Q&A

Recorded October 2014

Get the inside scoop on FME Cloud, followed by an extended live Q&A session with its two main architects. Plus, learn what you can do with a free $250 credit.

MicroStation DGN: How to Integrate CAD and GIS

Recorded September 2014

See how to move data between Bentley MicroStation and GIS solutions like Esri ArcGIS, Intergraph and MapInfo. Go beyond basic CAD / GIS conversion and see how to transform MicroStation cells, text, lines, symbology, tags, etc exactly as needed. Plus see how to reproject to any coordinate system and use automated techniques to handle database links and provide self-serve data collection and validation services.

BIM Conversion & Analysis Workshop: Story of the I-35W Bridge Collapse

Recorded September 2014

Get tips on working with 3D and BIM data in this look at the 2007 Minneapolis I-35W bridge collapse.

7 Spatial Database Tips for PostGIS, Oracle, and SQL Server

Recorded August 2014

Become a database dynamo with these productivity-boosting tips. Discover how to connect your spatial database with 325+ data sources - including tabular, raster and GIS – without any coding. You'll see how to spatialize ordinary data, view it on a map, and learn about automated techniques for updates/deletes, edit/change detection, as well as data validation.

How to Develop for Data Transformation with FME Server

Recorded August 2014

Find out how you can use FME Server to power the backend of a custom application. We'll explore FME Server's REST API and demonstrate how it can be used to integrate custom applications with services hosted by FME Server. We'll also share how support for URLs, code snippets, XML, JSON, and more provide even more possibilities, a give several practical examples.

7 Ways to Unlock the Power of GE Smallworld

Recorded August 2014

Open a big world of possibilities with Smallworld and FME. First, see how to integrate GE Smallworld with 325+ formats and applications via a point-and-click interface. Then, leverage location intelligence to analyze and report on network assets, perform data validation, provide self-serve data download, and more – all of which can be easily turned into automated workflows.

5 Tips to Become an Esri Geodatabase Power User

Recorded July 2014

See how to load and export Geodatabase with the ability to integrate with 325+ data sources. You'll also learn tactics to help you read and transform annotations, write relationship classes and attachments (1:1 or 1:Many), perform incremental updates with versioning, as well as read and extract subtype and domain values.

10 Common JSON Problems... SOLVED!

Recorded July 2014

Create harmony between JSON and applications. Join us as we explore ways to leverage data transformation and automation to improve these common JSON scenarios: 1. JSON Parser 2. JSON Validator 3. JSON Formatter 4. JSON Converter (e.g. XML to JSON) 5. JSON Transformation 6. Web Services & JSON 7. Sensors & JSON 8. GIS & JSON 9. Spreadsheets & JSON 10. GeoJSON & EsriJSON

How to Enable Self-Serve Access

Recorded June 2014

Learn how to provide self-serve access to FME-powered data transformations. You'll see how you can offload distribution tasks to the end-user with automated transformations of downloaded data. You'll also see how you can give users the power to transform, validate and load data on their own. The best part about enabling self-serve access is that end users don't even have to learn how to use FME.

The Secret to Mapnik Mastery

Recorded May 2014

Mapnik is an open source cartographic rasterizer with the ability to generate beautiful raster imagery. Add a point-and-click integration with FME for a powerful new combination. You'll find out how to create mind-blowing mashups in Mapnik with FME's ability to integrate data from 325+ sources. You'll also see how to optimize data before it reaches Mapnik – including the ability to perform a wide range of geometry transformations. And with the new MapnikRasterizer transformer, all of this is done with scalable and automated workflows at your fingertips – no Python, XML or CSS needed.

How to Intelligently Process and Deliver Real-Time Data

Recorded April 2014

Find out how to instantly deliver data to users exactly how it's needed. We'll demonstrate how to process real-time and sensor data for use in operations. You'll also see how to send notifications and stream data to users in a format that's useful to them. Plus, see how you can apply business logic to incoming data and trigger different tasks based on results.

How to Load Data into Google Maps Engine

Recorded April 2014

Find out how to connect Google Maps Engine with hundreds of formats and applications. We'll demonstrate how to restructure data and load data into Google Maps Engine exactly how you want it. Plus, see how others are using FME for automated data validation and synchronization between Google Maps Engine and other applications, thereby ensuring that stakeholders always have the latest and most accurate information.

How to Automate Practically Anything

Recorded March 2014

Discover how to automatically move data from anywhere to anywhere with FME Server. You'll see how to transmit data via the web, email, and mobile devices. We'll also demonstrate how to schedule recurring ETL tasks and keep data stores up-to-date. Plus, find out how to automatically transform and deliver data where and how it's needed.

Big Data - Tap into Cloud Infrastructure

Recorded March 2014

See how to easily migrate to the cloud with FME, and take advantage of the corresponding benefits including unlimited resources, scalability, and zero hardware to maintain. You'll see how you can use new FME 2014 support to move data to Big Data handling tools and services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RedShift, and Google BigQuery. Plus, learn about the benefits of being close to the data, and how FME Server and FME Cloud can help power the flow of data, whether it's hosted, on-site, or somewhere in between.

INSPIRE Success Stories with FME

Recorded March 2014

Join Safe Software and some of partners for a look at where organizations are using FME to meet INSPIRE requirements today!

How to Leverage ArcGIS Online

Recorded March 2014

Discover how to extend the use of ArcGIS Online's powerful services with FME. You'll see how you can easily bring non-Esri data into ArcGIS Online to gain a more complete view of reality, with the ability to restructure on import. You'll also see how to incorporate ArcGIS Online in external workflow, allowing you to leverage its services including geocoding, routing, and geoenrichment. Plus, we'll share how you can use FME to automatically publish data to ArcGIS Online when new data becomes available.

Data Integration + Location Intelligence = Better Decisions

Recorded February 2014

Make better decisions by applying location intelligence to all of your data. FME makes it easy to integrate data from over 300 formats and applications including MapInfo, CSV and Excel, and ArcGIS. You'll see how you can use FME to analyze data and create actionable reports and maps to aid decision making in real estate, retail, restaurants, insurance, and more.

BIM and GIS Integration: A 'How-To'

Recorded February 2014

Discover how you can combine the power of BIM and GIS with FME. Learn about FME's support for Autodesk Revit (NEW!), Esri ArcGIS, SketchUp, MapInfo, IFC and hundreds of other formats and applications. Plus, learn how FME enables intelligent data integration, for example: detect and load only a building's outer shell, calculate the volume of spaces, or extract the children of spaces and create a spreadsheet list - all of these possible as part of an automated workflow.

Deep Dive into FME Server 2014

Recorded February 2014

Find out what's new and great in FME Server 2014. Plus learn about the new way to deploy: FME Cloud.

Deep Dive into FME Desktop 2014

Recorded January 2014

Find out what's new and great in FME Desktop 2014, with a full rundown and demos of top updates.

Unveiling FME 2014

Recorded January 2014

Discover what's great in FME 2014, hosted by Safe Software's co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz.

How to Create and Share INSPIRE-Compliant Data

Recorded January 2014

See how to provide INSPIRE-compliant data services using a single tool, FME. We'll demonstrate how to map your schemas to the INSPIRE schema, translate your source data to the INSPIRE data model for any Annex - including raster and 3D themes - and perform validation. We'll also take a quick look at sharing data via ATOM and WFS download services - no coding or XSLT required. Plus, get a sneak peek of our schema-based INSPIRE GML reader/writer, new in the upcoming release of FME 2014. For assistance with using FME to comply with the INSPIRE mandate, please contact one of our EU-based expert partners:

How to Transform Data between AutoCAD and GIS

Recorded December 2013

Discover how to easily move data between AutoCAD and GIS systems - while maintaining full control over CAD annotation and GIS attributes - using FME. See also how you can load data into Map 3D and style to your desire, or take data from Civil 3D and load into other applications such as Esri Geodatabase. Plus, you'll get a sneak peek at FME 2014's upcoming support for Autodesk Revit.

Linear Referencing - See How FME Measures Up

Recorded November 2013

Unleash FME's hidden potential for enhancing Linear Referencing System (LRS) workflows. Learn how to integrate data from varied sources and create LRS datasets using FME's support for measures and geometry. You'll also see how to convert LRS datasets into a segmented LRS model to allow others to view the data in more traditional GIS platforms. Plus, hear how FME is playing a key role at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration by improving the efficiency of its LRS workflows.Note: This technical webinar assumes a basic understanding of FME.

Unveiling FME Cloud

Recorded November 2013

Join us for the reveal of FME Cloud (beta), the new cloud-optimized deployment of FME Server technology. Learn how you can easily connect applications - whether in the cloud, on-premise, or on mobile devices - with no coding, and no hardware. You'll see how to make your business information available where, when, and how it's needed.

13 Ways to Avoid a Raster Disaster

Recorded October 2013

Become a master of raster data. Discover how you can use FME to restructure raster data by clipping, mosaicking, tiling, and more. You'll also see how to create more valuable rasters by integrating data from other sources. Plus, see how to convert rasters into the format and coordinate system that you need.

How to Accelerate Microsoft Excel Workflows

Recorded September 2013

Discover how to quickly transform spreadsheet data without writing a line of code. You'll see how you can use FME to create an automated process for: moving data in and out of Microsoft Excel, integrating spreadsheets with spatial data, and performing data validation. Plus learn about the new functionality in FME's Excel reader and writer - which were both re-imagined and re-built in June 2013.

Web Services... Made Easy Without Any Coding

Recorded September 2013

Learn how to use FME to easily consume data from, and publish data to - virtually any web service including REST services like WFS, Atom, SOS, and OData. You'll see how to process complex geometry and schemas, transform as needed, and deliver data in nearly any format. Plus, get up and running in minutes with no coding and the ability to plug into existing infrastructure and seamlessly adapt to any changes.

KML 101 - How to Create Amazing Maps in Google Earth and Maps

Recorded August 2013

Find out how to transform virtually any data into KML - regardless of format or structure - using FME. You'll see how to easily create and style balloons, customize icons and colours, as well as intelligently organize placemarks - all using repeatable processes that let you create amazing displays in Google Maps and Earth. Plus discover how to share real-time data by using FME with HTML5 WebSockets.

How to Exchange Data between CAD and GIS

Recorded August 2013

Gain total control over CAD and GIS data exchange. Discover how to use FME to preserve the information in CAD annotation when converting to GIS, and turn GIS data and attributes into rich, clean CAD drawings. You'll see how you can use reusable workflows to easily transform virtually any CAD or GIS data including AutoCAD, Esri ArcGIS, MapInfo, and MicroStation.

How to Slice 'n Dice 10 Types of Data into Esri ArcGIS

Recorded July 2013

Discover how to easily transform and load nearly any data into ArcGIS - including CAD, Point Cloud, BIM, and Raster - by using FME. See also how to make ArcGIS data available to anyone, whether for use in another application or for simple viewing as a PDF. You'll also find out how to easily leverage ArcGIS Online's services without any coding including geocoding, drive-time polygons, and geo-enrichment.

Oracle Database - How to Improve Interoperability

Recorded June 2013

Discover how to easily read, write, and update data in Oracle. Via demos we'll share how FME lets you transform spatial and non-spatial data for use in Oracle and also provide an easy way to share that data with others - all of this possible via customizable processes which can be automated. You'll also see how the FME Data Inpsector's new Table View mode lets you more easily examine your data in Oracle.

Open Data... Automated! Using FME with Socrata

Recorded June 2013

Share your organization's data with the public, without taxing resources, by combining the power of Socrata and FME. Find out how Socrata's Open Data platform lets you easily manage and publish your data -- data which can originate in virtually any format or structure thanks to FME's transformation capabilities. You'll also hear how to automatically update data in Socrata using FME, just like the City and County of San Francisco.

7 Ways to Make XML Easy

Recorded May 2013

XML is everywhere, but its complexities can be a barrier to use. Discover seven tactics you can employ to easily read, write, and process XML using FME - no need for coding or special XML development tools. You'll also learn about the new XML capabilities in FME 2013 and get an exclusive sneak peek at a web services announcement coming soon.

Microsoft SQL Server - How to Improve Interoperability

Recorded May 2013

Discover how to easily read, write, and update data in Microsoft SQL Server. We'll share ways to automate SQL Server workflows while using FME's transformation capabilities, featuring support for multiple geometry columns and the geography data type. Plus, see what's new with FME 2013's support for SQL Server 2012 including the ability to create a spatial index.

PostGIS 2.0 - How to Improve Interoperability

Recorded April 2013

Discover how to easily read, write, and update data in PostGIS 2.0 via live demos. You'll see how you can use FME to handle rasters in PostGIS (new for FME 2013), and overall improve the efficiency of your data workflows with this database.

How to Load Spatial and Non-Spatial Data into Teradata

Recorded April 2013

What makes a great database system even better? The ability to move more data into it and have more people able to access its data for use in their application of choice. Using the transformation capabilities of FME, we'll show you how to load spatial and non-spatial data into your Teradata database, with the ability to restructure it during the loading process. Plus, to ensure your data meets any standards or requirements, we'll demonstrate how you can easily validate and repair datasets, even prior to loading.

How to Automatically Create Beautiful Cartographic Labels Using the MapTextLabeller

Recorded March 2013

Learn about the MapTextLabeller, an exciting new extra-cost FME plugin from MapText which lets you automate the creation of high quality labels - and through its integration with FME - concurrently transform your data and output to formats like AutoCAD DWG, Microstation DGN, Esri Geodatabase, MapInfo, and others. Join us to discover how you can take advantage of its rules-based label placement and styling capabilities to save time and create amazing labels in your preferred application.

How to Easily Read and Write CityGML Data

Recorded March 2013

CityGML has the potential to broaden the amount and quality of spatial data that is available for use in 3D modelling software. Across the globe, an increasing number of cities and companies are building virtual 3D city models for use in various areas including urban planning, disaster management, navigation and environmental simulations. Learn how FME can help you easily convert, restructure, integrate and distribute this CityGML data to use and share in more than 300 different formats.

How to Efficiently Transform Non-Spatial Data

Recorded March 2013

FME supports a wide range of non-spatial data, from spreadsheets (CSV, Excel) to databases (SQL Server, Oracle) and to key applications (Salesforce, Socrata). In this webinar, discover how to easily transform non-spatial data for use, even adding a spatial component to your non-spatial data.

Gain Total Control of Your LiDAR and Point Cloud Data

Recorded February 2013

Learn how to quickly transform LiDAR data to meet your requirements with FME. You'll discover how to easily clip, tile, split and otherwise manipulate point clouds using automated processes capable of transforming millions of points in seconds. Plus with FME's support for 300+ formats - including LAS, Oracle Point Cloud, and RIEGL - you'll see how to integrate LiDAR with GIS, CAD, and raster data. New for FME 2013, we'll share how you can perform point-by-point calculations and subsequently filter those points based on color, intensity, and other criteria.

Deep Dive into FME Desktop 2013

Recorded January 2013

FME 2013 provides new and enhanced formats and transformers to help you boldly take your data where it hasn't gone before. Learn how to take advantage of these great updates with a deep dive into FME Desktop 2013.

Unveiling FME 2013

Recorded January 2013

View the archived recording of our launch day unveiling of FME 2013. You'll hear directly from Safe's co-founders on what's new in FME 2013 and why we believe it's the best release yet.

Deep Dive into FME Server 2013

Recorded January 2013

Learn more about FME Server 2013, with a deep dive into its new features from Safe's co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz. You'll learn about the new web user interface, usability improvements, mobile support, and get introduced to the FME Server Notification Service.

Turbocharging FME: How to Improve the Performance of Your FME Workspaces

Recorded December 2012

Getting the best performance out of FME is as important to us as it is to you. In this webinar, you'll get tips from three FME experts - Mark Ireland (FME Evangelist), David Eagle (FME Certified Trainer and Professional) and Dale Lutz (Safe Software Co-founder). They'll share easy-to-apply advice on: querying databases efficiently, making the most of FME's new multiprocessing capabilities, and simple techniques to speed up your workflows.

Maximize the Value of Raster Data

Recorded November 2012

Learn how to prepare and share raster data with ease. Discover how FME can help you quickly convert and restructure raster data precisely how its needed. You'll also see how to prepare raster data for delivery to those who need it.

5 Ways to Impress in Google Earth and Maps Creating Amazing Maps

Recorded October 2012

Discover how to easily display nearly any combination of data (CAD, GIS, database, raster, etc) on Google Earth or Maps. You'll see how to style the data exactly how it's needed, and provide viewers with the most timely information and even real-time updates onto Google Maps. You'll also hear how Kansas Department of Transportation and Burns and McDonnell teamed up, using FME with Google Earth to develop the award-winning Kansas Airspace Awareness Tool, an online, interactive 3D model that helps planners avoid building tall structures in areas that violate airspace restrictions.

Exchanging Data Between CAD and GIS Systems

Recorded October 2012

For many organizations, accessing and sharing CAD and GIS data between systems can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, exchanging CAD and GIS data does not have to be difficult. Discover how you can leverage your data assets regardless of their originating format or system with FME.

How to Enhance Data Transformation in MapInfo

Recorded October 2012

Find out how to add powerful data transformation capabilities to your MapInfo workflows with FME. Discover how to perform flexible QA on your data and its geometries, and style your data exactly how it's needed. You'll also learn how to extend FME directly into MapInfo, and load or export data in 275+ formats including PDF, KML, and CSV.

Using the SpatialBiz Plug-in for FME to Access GE Smallworld

Recorded October 2012

Discover how you can quickly move spatial data in and out of Smallworld using Spatial Business Systems' reader/writer plug-in for FME. The webinar will cover synchronizing Smallworld with Oracle Spatial, using FME Server with Smallworld, and various aspects of reading and writing - including dynamic reading data from Smallworld within Esri ArcGIS.

Improving Interoperability with Oracle, SQL Server, and PostGIS Databases

Recorded September 2012

Discover how to easily read, write, and update data in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostGIS via live demos. You'll also get an exclusive first look at FME 2013's database updates including new functionality and support for PostGIS 2.0, and SQL Server 2012.

How to Easily Load Data into ArcGIS for Local Government

Recorded August 2012

Find out how to take advantage of the 50+ maps and apps available with ArcGIS for Local Government. You'll first learn about the benefits of this initiative from Esri's ArcGIS for Local Government Project Manager, Scott Oppmann. Then, via demos from Steve MacCabe (Safe Software) and Steve Grise (Vertex3), you'll discover how to easily load data into this information model and perform QC during the load process to maintain data integrity.

Tips for Manipulating Data in Esri Geodatabase

Recorded August 2012

Discover how to save time reading, writing and updating data in Esri Geodatabase. You'll see how to easily load disparate datasets into either Enterprise, File, or Personal Geodatabase; plus how to quickly update and extract data according to your specifications. You'll also receive tips for efficiently working with domains, subtypes, and annotation - to ensure high quality data.

Preparing LiDAR for Use in ArcGIS 10.1 with the Data Interoperability Extension

Recorded August 2012

Find out how to quickly prepare LiDAR data for use in ArcGIS 10.1 with the Data Interoperability Extension. Through demos, you'll see how to perform: format translation; coordinate system re-projection; and integration with GIS, CAD, and raster data on millions of points in seconds. You'll also learn how to clip, tile, split, combine and more - overall enabling you to prepare LiDAR data according to your precise requirements and use it immediately in ArcGIS.

What's New in ArcGIS 10.1 Data Interoperability Extension

Recorded August 2012

Major updates are included in the 10.1 version of the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension (based on FME technology). Discover how core areas have been streamlined, making data transformation easier and more powerful for tasks such as loading databases, doing CAD / GIS data exchange, and performing data validation. Learn about what else is new including: next generation support for 3D, LiDAR, and XML; additional supported formats; and a plethora of speed and usability enhancements.

Meeting the INSPIRE Mandate

Recorded July 2012

Discover how you too can solve common INSPIRE-related data challenges using FME. You'll see how to easily perform schema mapping and meet INSPIRE's precise data model requirements. You'll also learn about the various FME-based INSPIRE solutions available and how people are using them. Finally, the project leader of Luxembourg's public Geoportal (Jeff Konnen) will share how they are using FME to help reach their INSPIRE objectives.

How to Share Spatial Data with Anyone Anywhere as PDF

Recorded July 2012

Learn how to easily create PDFs of your spatial data. You'll find out how to integrate disparate data and share it out as a rich mashup in either 3D PDF or Geospatial PDF. You'll also discover how to create cartographic PDFs ready for printing, and see how automated processes allow you to give others self-serve access to PDFs of data within your databases and systems.

How to Improve Data Exchange in Intergraph

Recorded June 2012

Discover how to easily exchange data in an Intergraph environment (GeoMedia, I/CAD, G/Technology). You'll learn how to create a repeatable process for manipulating data before it gets to your database - whether Oracle, SQL Server, or Access. You'll also see how to efficiently convert data from legacy systems (i.e. FRAMME or G/Technology 9.x) to G/Technology 10, as well as increase GeoMedia's format reach by enabling a direct connection with FME. Find out how your organization's databases and other GIS systems - including Esri ArcGIS - can work in harmony with your Intergraph products.

How to Process Real-Time Data

Recorded June 2012

Discover how you can process data in real-time by taking advantage of FME Server 2012's event-driven architecture. You'll learn how to accept data from sensors, feeds, devices as well as from people via email, Twitter, SMS, and more. You'll then find out how FME's transformation capabilities allow you to easily take action in whichever way you want - i.e. generate an alert, add information to a map, update a database, etc. Overall, you'll see how you can instantly get data to everyone who needs it.

How to Create 3D Mashups by Integrating GIS, CAD, and BIM

Recorded May 2012

Find out how you can easily integrate GIS, CAD, BIM, and other spatial data to create accurate 3D representations using FME. You'll discover how to manipulate 3D data across popular formats like CityGML and SketchUp, as well as transform BIM data to load only the required information into your GIS. You'll also hear how FME enabled one customer to take vintage 2D CAD data and create informative 3D PDFs and 3D AutoCAD DWG files to help in the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant.

Mastering Geospatial Metadata

Recorded May 2012

Discover how you can easily create and edit metadata with FME. You'll learn how to read and write metadata in industry standards including: ISO 19115, FGDC, and Esri metadata. Plus, you'll find out how to perform metadata validation and save time when updating metadata - while maintainig accuracy.

Prepare LiDAR Data To Meet Your Requirements

Recorded March 2012

Find out how to quickly prepare LiDAR data to meet your requirements with FME, the leading technology for spatial data transformation. Through demonstrations, you'll see how you can easily perform coordinate system re-projection, format translation, and integration with GIS, CAD and raster data on millions or billions of points in seconds. We'll also share how the enhancements in FME 2012 make it even easier to get the most out of LiDAR data.

Writing XML

Recorded February 2012

Discover how FME makes it simple to work with XML data, in this second of two webinars on XML. You'll see how you can easily write XML data without needing to learn XML tools like XQuery or XSLT. Recorded February 2012

Reading XML

Recorded February 2012

Discover how you can easily read XML data without needing to learn XML tools like XQuery or XSLT.

Improve Data Exchange with GE Smallworld

Recorded January 2012

Discover how you can quickly move spatial data in and out of Smallworld using the new Smallworld 4.2.2 reader and writer for FME.

Exchanging Data Between CAD and GIS Systems

Recorded November 2011

For many organizations, accessing and sharing CAD and GIS data between systems can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, exchanging CAD and GIS data does not have to be difficult. Discover how you can leverage your data assets regardless of their originating format or system with FME.

How to Easily Transform Data into Multispeak and CIM XML

Recorded November 2011

Learn how to easily transform data into Multispeak and CIM XML, without wasting time on programming. Find out how FME makes it easy to enable data exchange between all of your electrical utility systems (GIS, OMS, EMS, DMS, and SCADA) via open standards.

Gain Spatial Data Access for the Enterprise

Recorded October 2011

Learn how to increase the accessibility of spatial data to people both inside and outside your organization. See how you can use FME Server, the leading spatial data transformation solution, to get the most value from your data assets and make your data available exactly where, when and how it's needed.

How to Prepare Data for Compelling Displays in Google Earth

Recorded September 2011

Go beyond pushpins and discover how you can powerfully bring your data to life in Google Earth. Learn how FME can make it easy for you to automate KML styling during the data conversion process and easily create: links to live feeds, dynamic content, charts, tours, and more.

Extend the Reach of Your ArcGIS Investment

Recorded July 2011

Find out how you can access nearly any data, regardless of its source system, directly within ArcGIS. You'll also learn how you can use FME to easily share your data with others, no matter their preferred system.

Harmonise Your Spatial Data for INSPIRE

Recorded July 2011

Learn how to efficiently harmonise your spatial data for INSPIRE by overcoming your data interoperability challenges with FME. Get an overview understanding of how you can easily handle schema mapping without a technical knowledge of XML.

Transforming Spatial Data to Contribute to Esri's Community Maps Program

Recorded July 2011

Interested in participating in the Esri Community Maps program? Watch this 1-hour webinar to find out how FME technology makes it easy to prepare your data so it can be made widely available in the program's World Topographic Map.

Improve Data Exchange with Intergraph Products

Recorded June 2011

Learn how to quickly bring data into and out of Intergraph products using FME. With the help of demonstrations, watch how data is easily exchanged with GeoMedia, G/Technology, & I/CAD.

Quickly Move Data into Place with Oracle Spatial

Recorded June 2011

Discover how you can quickly get data in and out of Oracle Spatial with FME. Find out how FME's powerful transformation capabilities enable you to quickly extract and share data assets with Oracle Spatial.

Open Data Automated! Using FME with Socrata

Recorded December 2014 (Hosted by Socrata)

See how to use FME with Socrata to make your data publishing open and automatic.

Best Practice Techniques for Using FME

Recorded October 2014 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

Discover some best practice tips, from 1Spatial, for more seasoned FME users.

An Introduction to FME Server

Recorded September 2014 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

See how FME Server can fit it into your environment to solve problems by using FME as a service rather than being tied to the Desktop. This session will be a beginner’s overview to cover the fundamentals of the product and show you some ways in which 1Spatial’s FME customers have really benefited from FME Server.

FME for Local Government

Recorded September 2014 (Hosted by IMGS)

At this webinar, we will discuss how FME can automate data updates to and from third parties (such as road opening requests) and how this data is validated to ensure accurate data. Additionally, we will also demonstrate how FME can support data updates to Open Data and Government Portals.

FME for Local Government

Recorded June 2014 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

Are you thinking about purchasing FME but want some of the capabilities summarising for you? Do your colleagues use FME already and you'd like to know what all the fuss is about? If you answered yes to either of these questions then this webinar is for you. We'll demystify some of the terminology, spell out the core functionality and demonstrate some of the ways you can save time and effort by giving it a try.

FME and Google Maps Engine Webinar

Recorded May 2014 (Hosted by Navagis)

Navagis is proud to be partnering with Safe Software, makers of FME, to demonstrate the ease of making your current enterprise data available for display with Google Maps and integrated, maps-based applications. Google Maps is helping utility and energy companies by making it easier to map and track assets, field resources and customer data. Navagis and Safe Software's innovative solutions offer companies the ability to utilize Google offerings fully, enabling improved operational efficiency, better customer service, and empowered enterprise-wide stakeholders who can make better decisions faster.

Using FME and the SpatialBiz Plug-in with Smallworld Data

Recorded March 2014 (Hosted by SpatialBiz and con terra)

Learn how to take advantage of the rich spatial data contained within your Smallworld VMDS. The webinar will be covering topics from the fundamentals, such as reading and writing, to the complexities of Metadata and synchronization of the network model to Oracle Spatial. We will also discuss other various topics such as dynamically reading data from Smallworld within Esri ArcGIS.

What's New in FME 2014?

Recorded March 2014 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

FME 2014 is the latest incarnation of the defacto (ETL) data translation and transformation tool. This webinar first broadcast on March 6th 2014 highlights 1Spatial's take on the product enhancements that will make a real difference to coping with your data challenges.


Recorded November 2013 (Hosted by con terra GmbH)

FME y ArcGIS Platform - Webinar en Español

Recorded January 2013 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

It's commonly assumed that FME is ALL about 'spatial' data. In this webinar we'll dispel that myth and show you that FME is just as capable when it comes to manipulating your non-spatial data whether it's a spreadsheet, text or a database.

Making the Most of with FME

Recorded December 2012 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

This webinar will show you how having access to FME can make consuming this vast array of data just that little bit more manageable. You'll see how to get hold of data pertinent to you as well as how to process it into the most appropriate format for you to work with.

Implementing INSPIRE with FME

Recorded October 2012 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

This webinar will present our methodology and a worked example around the INSPIRE Annex I, Protected Sites theme to show how you can transform your data, no matter what Annex it applies to.

FME Desktop for AutoCAD Users

Recorded August 2012 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

This webinar is designed to cover topics pertinent to Autodesk AutoCAD users and will aid you in the production of data that is fit for purpose, accurate and structured for your CAD environment.

What's New in FME 2012?

Recorded July 2012 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

In this webinar 1Spatial will complement the webinars that Safe Software have been running directly by drilling down into a little more detail regarding some of the key capabilities that come with this new release.

FME for MapInfo Professional

Recorded July 2012 (Hosted by 1Spatial)

An overview of some of the capabilities that FME has when used in conjunction with MapInfo Professional or as a way of helping you to prepare your MapInfo data.

Python Scripting in FME

Recorded June 2012 (Hosted by con terra GmbH)

Get an overview of Python scripting in FME from con terra GmbH with a guest appearance from Safe Software's Ken Bragg in this technical webinar.