Efficiently Harmonise Data for INSPIRE

Achieve INSPIRE compliance by using FME® to overcome your data harmonisation challenges.

  • Efficiently perform schema mapping
  • Easily meet INSPIRE's data model requirements
  • Harmonise your data without a technical knowledge of XML or GML

Government agencies across Europe are working hard to prepare their data for contribution to the INSPIRE SDI. But harmonising their data is proving to be very difficult.

With FME, you can be certain that regardless of your data's format, coordinate system, data model, or language, you can quickly convert it for contribution to the INSPIRE SDI.

Then when you're ready to leverage the data made available by INSPIRE, FME can help you quickly consume it for use as business intelligence, regardless of your target system.

Find out why leading vendors including Esri, con terra, lat/lon, Metria and more have turned to FME to help their clients prepare their data for INSPIRE compliance.