Solve Interoperability Challenges for the Utilities Industry with FME

Utility integration and application interoperability are critical requirements for Utilities to efficiently operate in today's challenging market conditions. Access to accurate and up-to-date information is key for tackling these challenges.

Achieve your business objectives and meet required standards with FME. With support for leading geospatial applications, such as GE Smallworld, Intergraph and Esri, FME enables Utilities to gain a unified view of their business data so this valuable information can be used and shared.

Only FME enables you to:

  • Use and share more than 325 spatial and non-spatial formats
  • Gain unlimited flexibility to restructure, reformat and integrate your data
  • Solve your complete range of spatial data interoperability challenges with a single solution

Learn more about solving your spatial data interoperability challenges with FME.