Quickly Transform and Load Spatial Data into Microsoft SQL Server

To effectively leverage data, many organizations need to move data in and out of Microsoft SQL Server. But incompatible formats and disparate data models often stand in the way. FME® can help you exchange data between SQL Server and a wide range of GIS, CAD, database and other formats.

Plus, FME's powerful transformation tools enable you to manipulate both the geometry and attribution of your data on the fly. And for high-demand data loading or distribution, look to FME Server for job automation, scheduling, and highly flexible data distribution options, including web services.

FME Server can be integrated with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) through a simple system call to bring the power of location to your business intelligence system.

With FME and SQL Server, you experience:

  • instant, seamless access to data in both native and non-native GIS, CAD, database, spatial and non-spatial formats - over 325 in total!
  • the ability to non-destructively transform - restructure, reformat, and reproject - data on the fly to meet your requirements
  • an intuitive graphical user interface for complete control over your transformation tasks
  • flexible and reusable workflow automation