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Gain Total Control Over CAD and GIS

Convert CAD to GIS - and Vice Versa - with FME, the Most Proven Solution

Extract the most value from your CAD and GIS investments by incorporating CAD data in your GIS system, and vice versa. FME’s advanced spatial data transformation capabilities enable efficient and complete exchange of CAD and GIS data to broaden the accessibility of this powerful information and improve decision making for your organization.

FME supports over 325 data formats including those for popular CAD and GIS applications such as AutoCAD® DWG, Esri® ArcGIS® Shapefile (SHP), MapInfo® TAB, MicroStation® DGN, Intergraph® GeoMedia® and many more.

More than straight format conversion, only FME preserves your data’s richness by enabling you to manipulate data content and structure to fit the requirements of the target system. Never lose GIS attribution or CAD annotation and symbology, and successfully round trip data of the highest quality between spatial systems.

Use FME to:

  • Quickly and easily exchange data between CAD and GIS systems in a single automated and repeatable step
  • Retain data’s richness such as GIS attribution, and CAD annotation and symbology during translation
  • Integrate CAD and GIS data with other types of data including raster, database, 3D, point cloud, XML, non-spatial data and more for use in your preferred system
  • Validate CAD data to ensure it meets data model specifications for its intended use

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