Formats and Data Transformation for OpenStreetMap

FME's OpenStreetMap Reader/Writer is easing the way for individuals and organizations to move large amounts of spatial information both in and out of OpenStreetMap, while reducing the effort required to generate OSM-ready XML data.

Today, FME is the dominant technology for spatial data transformation, supporting and extending the applications of leading GIS vendors worldwide.

By simply using FME in conjunction with OpenStreetmap, you gain:

  • Instant access to data in over 325 native and non-native GIS, CAD, database, spatial, and non-spatial formats
  • The ability to non-destructively transform - restructure, reformat, and reproject - data on the fly
  • An intuitive graphical interface for complete control over your transformation tasks
  • Flexible and reusable workflow automation

Achieve total spatial data mastery with FME and OpenStreetMap.

Only FME® gives you unlimited flexibility to restructure, reformat, and integrate more than 325 different spatial and non-spatial data formats. With FME, it's easier to solve more of your data interoperability problems, so you can work on your terms - with the formats, applications, and environments you want to use.