GE Smallworld

Easily Move Data Into and Out of GE Smallworld

Efficiently move data into and out of GE Smallworld's GIS solution for complex network infrastructure and asset management using FME. With its broad format support, its library of data transformation tools, and intuitive graphical user interface, FME enables you to quickly and easily bring non-native data into the Smallworld environment or conversely export data stored within Smallworld for use in other applications.

Use FME to:

  • Convert data to and from 325+ data formats including GIS, CAD, and database solutions
  • Restructure data to fit the specific data model requirements of Smallworld and other applications
  • Migrate data from legacy systems into Smallworld
  • Validate data before import into Smallworld
  • Share data stored in Smallworld with users of other geospatial applications

Use FME Server to:

  • Validate and upload data to Smallworld via the web
  • Publish transformation tasks to the web for remote, self-service data download from Smallworld in the format, structure and coordinate system of choice
  • Stream Smallworld data over the web in popular formats like KML, PDF and more
  • Integrate with GeoSpatial Server and power web-enabled data sharing and mapping

Note: There are two options for accessing Smallworld reading and writing capabilities with FME - either using the FME Smallworld edition, or the FME Oracle edition plus the SpatialBiz plugin. Which option you select depends on your specific needs. Find out more about FME and Smallworld configuration options.

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