Esri ArcGIS

Quickly Transform and Convert Data to and from Shapefile, Geodatabase and ArcSDE

Extend the powerful mapping and spatial analysis platform of Esri® ArcGIS® by using it in conjunction with FME's unrivalled spatial data transformation technology.

Easily Bring Any Data into ArcGIS

Easily access data from nearly any source and leverage it within ArcGIS with FME's support for over 325 formats and unparalleled transformation capabilities.

For added simplicity, the tight integration between FME and the ArcGIS platform enables you to build spatial ETL tasks directly into the geoprocessing framework so you don't have to leave the familiarity of the ArcGIS environment.

"Safe Software sets the standard for spatial data interoperability, so it was an obvious choice to use their FME technology for Esri's ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension."
- Jack Dangermond, Esri President

Make ArcGIS Data Available to Anyone

Enable your entire organization to benefit from ArcGIS's spatial information - whether it's for use in another application, storage, or simple viewing as a PDF - the transformation power of FME can deliver.

Leverage ArcGIS Online Services

Use FME to access ArcGIS Online's many valuable services - geocoding, drive-time polygons, and geo-enrichment - however you need. Also, use maps from your ArcGIS Online account as basemaps within the FME Data Inspector.

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Prepare Data for Compliance with Esri Initiatives

Take advantage of Esri Community Maps and ArcGIS for Local Government spatial data initiatives using FME to quickly comply with their data model requirements.