Reach the Peak at the FME UC

Join us at the FME UC 2022 to reach the Peak of Data Integration and learn how to leverage your data to go the distance. In just three days, you will learn from and be inspired by the world’s leading FME Experts and professionals, guiding you to the top, where the best view of your data awaits.

Reach the Peak of Data Integration and expand your horizon. Only at the FME UC.

Why Attend?

Exchange knowledge with the world’s top data experts, upgrade your skills, and get inspired with FME.

With over 100 sessions to choose from, you'll learn the best technical "how-tos", gain valuable data integration tips, and find answers to your trickiest data integration questions. We'll equip you with the right tools so you can take the first step and overcome your mountain of data.

What’s Happening?

The FME UC kicks off with the Partner Summit, followed by a full day of Pre-Conference Training. The main conference will be three days, packed with informative sessions, as well as plenty of activities and networking times. Follow us at @SafeSoftware on Instagram, and @fmeuc on Twitter for updates and behind-the-scenes tidbits!


twt Thoughts on Twitter

Wendy Amy@Wendy_MNC

#FMEUC Great city, great conference! Lots of learning, sharing and new friends made!

Gavin Park@gpgeo

Such a great time at #fmeuc so many awesome people. Great to be part of an international and friendly community. What makes #fmeuc special!

David Eagle@david_eagle

Some of the most exciting futures projects I've seen in 17 years working with #FME. Thanks @SafeSoftware for staying out in front! #FMEUC

comment Testimonials

Denver PierceBurns & McDonnell

Value per dollar was incredibly high, especially compared to other conferences. Keep it up.

Guido SteinApplied Geographics, Inc.

You folks put on the best conferences ever, really. You treat us like guests in your home and not sales opportunities and that goes a long way.

Todd DavisAbley

Having been to the FMEUC previously, I held high expectations and again it delivered. I left the conference very excited about the future of FME and thus the work I can undertake for clients.

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