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Step right up! Here's your chance to share your stupendous, groundbreaking accomplishments using FME. The stage will be yours in May 2021 to inspire, enchant, and tell your story to FME users, experts, and partners from around the world. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your work with FME in front of users of all levels and industries.

Application Details

We are looking for presentations that are 15 minutes long and that you’re able to host 15 minutes of Q&A. Not sure where to begin your story? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Tips & tricks for taming data and WOWing your audience
  • How you overcame business challenges, won the most tickets, and claimed the most prizes
  • How did FME help you become a master juggler of data integration tasks?
  • What lessons did you learn on the carousel of data transformation and validation?
  • What magic tricks do your colleagues think you’re playing with the solutions you’ve found for complex challenges?
  • How does FME power your entire amphitheatre of teams? Do other organizations or systems get featured in your acts?
  • What adrenaline-inducing, dare-devil feats have you conquered with FME?
For more inspiration, feel free to browse through past presentations from our other events. The deadline to submit your abstract is March 9, 2021. Please contact if you have any questions.

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    May 4 - 6 Events held in the PDT timezone

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    May 7, May 10 - 14 Events held in various global timezones

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    Presentations should be 15 minutes in length.

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