Make Data Dreams Come True at the

FME World Fair 2021

Come one, come all, enjoy the thrill of automation!

Maximize the value of data with FME workflows and integration.

Visit the Format Funhouse, or take a ride on the Zipster Zipper,

Try the Data Pipeline Roller Coaster (it couldn’t be quicker!)

At the FME World Fair, all your data dreams can come true.

Just sit back and relax as we dazzle and delight you.

Thank You for Attending!

The spotlights have dimmed, and the curtains have closed. We thank all attendees, partners, and sponsors for taking part in the FME World Fair 2021. 

Missed an act? No worries. You can watch the recordings in the presentation gallery.

We hope you’ve been inspired to learn some tricks and use FME in new and magical ways. Perhaps next time it will be YOU taking the stage and teaching others about your innovative adventures!

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FME World Fair 2021 Virtual Event FAQs

  • Is the FME World Fair 2021 replacing the World Tour?

    Although the essence of the World Tour is at the heart of the World Fair, this event is nothing like you’ve seen before from Safe.

    You’ll still discover the best tips & tricks, newest updates, and innovative ways customers are using FME. The ability to network and interact with FME users, experts, and partners from around the world will still be a delightful highlight at the event, with many creative and fun ways for attendees to connect and participate.

    The World Fair will connect and engage thousands of FME users, experts, and partners from across the globe to inspire, enchant, unite, motivate others with what they have accomplished using FME.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges, but has also presented the ability to “meet” and connect, collaborate, and learn from one another in a different way. The FME World Fair makes the best of a challenging situation with a captivating nine day event so immersive, you’ll swear you can smell the popcorn and cotton candy. Don’t worry, you’ll still learn a lot while having fun!

  • What platform will the World Fair be held on?

    We are striving to make the FME World Fair event accessible, and ensure the platform is as user-friendly as possible. With its intuitive design, flexible integration, and user-friendly interface, the Hubb platform turns our vision into FME World Fair’s immersive virtual world.

    Attendees begin their journey at the 3D map, which serves as the main navigation for the FME World Fair. On-theme rides and games take them to all the different solution spaces and areas.

  • When will the FME World Fair platform be accessible to users?

    The FME World Fair platform will be accessible to users in order to build out their personal agendas for during the event 4 business days prior to the event start date of May 4.

  • What timezone will the World Fair be in?

    As an attendee, you can set your personal time zone within the event platform to see details according to your region’s time. During the first 3 days of the event, May 4-6, Safe presentations will be hosted during PDT business hours. May 7 and 10-14 will be hosted by our partners from around the world in their region-friendly timezones. However, all presentations will be available as recordings following the event, so that if you cannot make a live session in real time, you can watch it during your own time later.

  • If we are located outside of the event timezone, will this hinder our experience?

    You will be able to stream all events on demand after they happen on the platform, so you will not miss any content. There will also be a feature to switch your agenda to your own timezone, so you can easily decipher which events you are able to attend live.

  • How do I apply to be a speaker at the FME World Fair?

    Our call for presentations is live! Click here to submit your abstract. We will be letting speakers know if their presentation has been accepted in March.

  • How do networking opportunities happen virtually?

    Through the event platform, we will have virtual coffee breaks and time for networking with fellow attendees and Safers. There will also be opportunities for breakout rooms, one-on-one attendee meetings, FME Doctor’s office, Q&A’s, and fun social activities.

  • If I choose to opt-in to sharing my information while filling out the registration form, who will my information be shared with?

    If you choose to opt-in to this option, Safe will provide your information to World Fair partners and sponsors, including speakers, whose sessions and/or sponsor and pavilion pages you visit during the event.