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Working with Hadoop HDFS: Preview FME 2018 - Safe Software

Connecting to HDFS is now in FME Desktop 2018. As of the FME 2018.0 release, we have added the HDFSConnector transformer as a technology preview.

FME and HADOOP - best practice - FME Community

HDFSConnector transformer was added to FME 2018. HDFSConnector transformer allows you to move files in and out of HDFS - see also: Working with Hadoop HDFS

how FME integration With Hadoop\HDFS Database - FME ...

Please also note that FME 2018 Beta has a new HDFSConnector transformer that can move files in and out of HDFS. We'd *love* feedback on it. You can grab FME 2018 ...

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