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If you need to check and record the coordinates for your geometric data, this is the transformer for you. Simply connect your input data and retrieve your coordinates as attributes.

This transformer will retrieve your coordinate values based on the projection or coordinate system that your data is stored in. This means your values can be recorded in meters, degrees, feet, even centimeters or yards.

If your data is not in the coordinate system of your choice, connect your data to the Reprojector first to change the projection. Now you’ll be able to extract your coordinate values as needed.

Example: In the image below the coordinate values for fire hydrants in a shapefile have been extracted. In the Visual Preview, you can see that two new columns have been added.
coordinate extractor

Learn more about how to modify coordinates in FME with Community tutorials like How to Use Coordinate Systems, Defining Projections, and Reducing Unnecessary Coordinates.

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