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Performs a geometric clipping operation (sometimes called a cookie cutter). Most geometry types can be clipped by an area, and some may also be clipped by a solid. Attributes may be shared between objects (spatial join).

Typical Uses

  • Identifying where points, lines, or areas fall inside, outside, and intersect with one or more reference areas (Clippers), and modifying their geometry and attributes accordingly.
  • Clipping features to perform calculations by Clipper area
  • Clipping rasters or point clouds to a regular or irregular area of interest
  • Clipping features to a map boundary for aesthetics


The Clipper works on many geometry types. This diagram illustrates area-on-line and area-on-area vector clipping results.

  • (1) is a single area Clipper (in blue).
  • (2) are the Clippees, a red line that crosses the Clipper (1), and red area that partially overlays the Clipper (1).

Both the line and area Clippees are split where they cross the Clipper boundary, and the results are output:

  • (3) Portions of Clippees that fall Inside the Clipper (red only)
  • (4) Portions of Clippees that fall Outside the Clipper (red only)

clipper example

Usage Notes

  • Because a raster feature must always be rectangular, clipped raster cells (that is, those outside the clipper but part of an Inside raster) will be set to the nodata value. If a nodata value has not been set, clipped raster cells will be set to 0. To set a value for nodata, use the RasterBandNodataSetter transformer prior to the Clipper.
  • This transformer is unaffected by raster band and palette selection.
  • A feature can be clipped multiple times, but not iteratively (for example, if a line passes through two overlapping polygons, you don’t get a separate clipped line for the overlap - just one per polygon).

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