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Creates a buffer zone of specified size around or inside input geometry.

Typical Uses

  • Creating fixed size zones around features, such as rights-of-way or setbacks
  • Determining spatial relationships based on proximity
  • Creating variable size zones around features to represent attribute values

In this example, we buffer arterial streets (shown in blue) to find address points that fall within a fixed distance of them. The buffered streets are then sent to a SpatialFilter, along with the address points, and are tested for points that fall within the buffers.

bufferer before bufferer after

Usage Notes

  • This transformer creates buffers that are of equal width on either side of a linear input feature. To create offsets to either the left or right-hand side of a feature, use the OffsetCurveGenerator.
  • To buffer features in Geographic (lat/long) coordinates, consider the GeographicBufferer.
  • Areas will be buffered on one side only - externally for a positive Buffer Amount, and internally for a negative Buffer Amount.
  • Output area buffers will always have a Right Hand Rule orientation.

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