FME Desktop Advanced

December 5th - 9th, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM (EST)


This training course builds upon the basic framework of workspace creation in FME Desktop. The course covers topics that are commonly used by all workspace authors who wish to take their FME skills to the next level.


The course consists of the following sections:

  • Read From and Write To Multiple Locations
    • Quickly and easily create many layers or files in your output using multiple readers/writers or fanouts.
  • Work with Multiple Data Models Using Lists
    • Unlock the power of FME for more complex workflows by working with list attributes.
  • Leverage Ordered Data
    • Extract insights from ordered data by creating attributes with values created from adjacent features.
  • Improve Data Quality by Handling Null and Missing Values
    • Reduce the likelihood of mistakes and errors in your data by identifying and addressing missing, empty, and null values.
  • Visually Compare and Merge Workflows
    • Make collaboration easier by comparing different versions of data integration workflows and merging changes.
  • Design For Performance
    • Design your workspaces for speed using these best practice techniques.
  • Optimize Workspace Performance
    • Use best practices to improve the performance of readers, writers, databases, and FME Server workflows.
  • Design Modular and Maintainable Workspaces with Custom Transformers
    • Adopt enterprise data integration best practices by creating reusable and encapsulated workflows.
  • Build a Shared Library of Custom Transformers
    • Choose between linked and embedded transformers and share versioned transformers with your colleagues.

Learning Objectives

  • Use advanced parameters
  • Improve FME Desktop performance
  • Create custom transformers
  • Optimize reading and writing for increased flexibility
  • Apply advanced attribute handling


This training course is intended for persons with some prior experience of using FME. The content assumes a basic familiarity with the concepts and practices of FME Desktop; at least to the extent covered by the FME Desktop Basic Training.


If you have any questions about this course, or training in general, please contact