Using FME for the Utility Network

To make use of the Utility Network in ArcGIS, data will first need to be migrated into the proper structure and format to adhere with the Utility Network data models. As the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, FME offers extensive support for the utility industry and Esri products, making it an excellent tool for migrating your Utility Network data.

Whether you have geometric network utility data or other network data sources, FME can help you in the data migration process. In addition to helping you maintain your GIS and utility networks, FME can also aid you in integrating various data types to grow in areas like BI and IoT.

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FME Desktop

Transform, integrate, and migrate your network data to the Utility Network model using FME Desktop. Create workspaces that transform and migrate your utility data exactly the way you need it, or download Esri’s pre-made migration tools made for FME. These tools include a pre-built workspace, an assembly builder, a schema mapper, sample data, and documentation.

FME’s easy to use drag-and-drop interface and support for over 450 formats and applications means you have the flexibility to connect and transform data any way you’d like. From attribute handling to schema mapping, FME is your data sidekick!

Free Utility Network Migration Training and Support

Migrating data to the utility network doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you have our experts by your side. All FME users are able to access free training and technical support straight from the source. We’re happy to help you with all of your FME needs.

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ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension

Esri and Safe Software, the creators of FME, have partnered to create the Data Interoperability Extension in ArcGIS. With it, you are able to make use of FME workspaces directly within ArcGIS.

Data Interoperability Extension vs. FME Desktop

FME Workbench and Esri UN

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“Migrating from the ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model to the Esri Utility Network was easy with the help of our best friend - FME!”

Mathew Desbiens

Putting It All Together: UAV Mission Pre-Planning

UAVs and drones can be used to evaluate areas affected by storm damage to inform first responders and utility companies of where their assistance is needed. Using FME and the ArcGIS Utility Network together, Esri has demonstrated how data can be read from an Esri ArcGIS Portal Feature Service, be prepared and validated for their project, and then be migrated directly into the Esri Utility Network in ArcGIS Pro. The data was then ready to be deployed and used by those in the field!

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What is the Esri Utility Network?

The Esri Utility Network helps users align their utility assets in a standard industry model and can be used by adding the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extensions to your ArcGIS platform. With it, you can create service-based transactions models with attributes rules or create network diagrams that can be viewed by many. With data designed in a way that is best suited for your industry, you’ll be able to gain both operational and business intelligence.

The Utility Network is designed to be used from multiple ArcGIS platforms. This means it can be used in a desktop environment, in the field on a mobile device or tablet to collect data, and on the web for easy shareability.

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Ready to Begin?

Check out our community articles, training, and webinars to learn how you can begin migrating data in FME.

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