Product Support and Patch Policy

Tech Support

Help with installation, licensing, bug investigation, enhancement requests, and basic "how to" questions

Software Support

Includes software updates and bug fixes.

Beta Release

Current Release

Mature Release

(Up to 4 releases prior to current annual release.)

Retired Release

(More than 4 releases prior to current annual release.)

FME Desktop and FME Server operate according to a major annual release cycle, with minor dot releases periodically made available. For the purpose of this table, if FME 2017.1.3 is the most recent version available, then FME 2017 is considered to be the Current Release, FME 2013 – 2016 are considered to be mature releases, and FME 2012 and all older releases are considered to be retired. FME Cloud only has Current Releases and Beta Releases – no annual releases.