Our Support Philosophy

We do support a bit differently – and we think that’s a good thing! Our support team lives in the community, active alongside real-world experts in our Forums and Ideas section. A question or idea posted in either place receives the same priority as one privately submitted, and in fact may receive a faster response since people from the community are online 24/7. Everything posted in our community is reviewed by at least one Safer, and many questions see responses from multiple individuals.

By asking your question in the community, you allow all users to benefit from the resulting tips and advice. Instead of asking and answering the same question multiple times, other users can instantly find your original question and the various answers that you received.

In some cases sensitive matters may require a private support case, and that’s okay. Our direct technical support is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis, Monday through Friday, 08:00 (8am) to 17:00 (5pm) Pacific Standard Time, excluding statutory holidays in British Columbia, Canada. We can be reached via live chat, the submit a case form, and in the Forums where our staff actively respond to questions. We do not offer phone support as feedback has shown that live chat leads to both quicker resolutions and more satisfied results due to the easy ability to share links, screenshots, files, and more. While actual response times may vary depending on the relative volume of submissions and the complexity of the question, we actively strive to respond to all inquiries within 1-2 business days. While we do our best to help with support for our free license programs, we give priority to paid customers, and are not obligated to provide technical support. FME Cloud users might also be interested in added coverage from an FME Cloud Managed Service Provider.

Where to Ask Your Question

Can’t find the answer to your question in our documentation or knowledge base? Check out these options.

Community Support Safe's Technical Support Partner Support**
Ideas and Product Suggestions Ideas* Ideas -
How-to Questions Forums* Forums -
Installation Questions Forums* Live Chat or Case Submission Find a Partner
Licensing Questions Forums* Live Chat or Case Submission Find a Partner
Bug Investigations Forums* Live Chat or Case Submission Find a Partner
Consulting and Services - - Find a Partner

* Our Safe Software support and development staff are active in both the Ideas section and Forums.

** If you purchased FME through a partner, please contact them directly.

Safe Software's Support Policy on Versions

Technical Support Software Support
Beta Release
Current Release
Mature Release -
Retired Release - -

About the Different Types of Versions

FME Desktop and FME Server operate according to a major annual release cycle, with minor dot releases periodically made available. For the purpose of this table, if FME 2022.1.3 is the most recent version available, then FME 2022 is considered to be the Current Release, FME 2018 – 2021 are considered to be mature releases, and FME 2017 and all older releases are considered to be retired. FME Cloud only has Current Releases and Beta Releases – no annual releases.

Note: All support is provided “as-is” and with no warranties, including any warranty of fitness for use. All templates, demos, and other information provided are non-exclusive.