Pre-Flight Planning

Integrate various sources to build a route and virtual world for your UAV. Then generate a path preview and automatically validate the flight plan.

Post-Flight Processing

Build an automated drone-to-disk workflow that performs data processing and generates intelligence from the data your UAV collects.

Data Distribution

Build a web app to share and collaborate on drone missions, or automatically send data wherever it needs to be.

Coders on Couches Drinking Coffee: Episode 5

Chat with Safe Software data experts Steve and Dean about the UAV mission cycle and how to get started with drones.

Build Your Custom UAV Workflow

Build a solution tailored to your needs. Here are a few examples of FME workflows that can be built for UAVs.

Agriculture, Farming, and Forestry

Monitor crop health, soil composition, terrain, and patterns. Predict growth and crop yields, and analyze changing factors over time.


Track large-scale events and crises, including search-and-rescue efforts and natural disasters.

Resources and Infrastructure

Inspect pipelines, track assets, visualize patterns, analyze the environment, and predict trends.


Survey urban areas, or design and perform missions for military training, logistics, and battlefield intelligence.

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