Oracle Database Solutions

Efficiently Migrate Data into and out of Oracle Databases

Move data between Oracle and practically any other application using FME’s broad format support, advanced data transformation tools and automation capabilities.

Experience Unlimited Oracle Connection Possibilities

Store any data in Oracle and use Oracle data anywhere. FME gives you the power to move data between Oracle databases and any of the over 400 formats and countless applications that it supports including:

  • other database systems: SQL Server, Postgresql, MS Access
  • spreadsheets and tabular formats: Excel, CSV
  • XML-based formats
  • cloud based applications: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services
  • GIS applications: ArcGIS, MapInfo
  • CAD programs: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • and more

Transform Data to Fit the Requirements of Any System

One of the biggest challenges associated with moving data between Oracle databases and other applications is mapping it properly between disparate data models. Create routes for data to travel between systems with FME’s library of tools that allow you to reconfigure its contents and structure to fit the model requirements of the target application. The integrity of the source dataset remains intact and the data delivered to the destination loads and behaves as you intended.

Automate Oracle Database Management

FME’s functionality and capabilities are geared towards reducing the manual effort on the part of the user, and improving productivity. Quickly author Oracle transformation workflows in FME Desktop’s intuitive work environment. Once configured, they run automatically in the background freeing you to work on other tasks.

For greater efficiencies add FME Server to your Oracle database management processes. By bringing the transformative power of FME to the enterprise, FME Server enables you to automate the flow of data between Oracle and other applications streamlining tasks such as centralization, replication and distribution. Also take advantage of enhanced automation options like scheduling, real-time data processing and notification services.

About Oracle

Oracle is a complete database solution that simplifies IT operations and promotes more efficient business management.

Oracle Spatial Database Solutions

FME’s support also includes the ability to move data in and out of the Oracle Spatial database extension.

Learn more about FME and Oracle Spatial.