Oracle Spatial Database Solutions

Seamlessly Migrate Data in and out of Oracle Spatial

Efficiently manage the movement of data into and out of your Oracle Spatial system using FME’s broad format support, advanced spatial data transformation tools and automation capabilities.

Connect Hundreds of Formats and Applications

Migrate data between your Oracle Spatial system to any of the 400+ formats and applications supported by FME including:

  • GIS applications: ArcGIS, MapInfo, Smallworld
  • CAD programs: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • other spatial databases: SQL Server Spatial, PostGIS
  • standard databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres
  • web mapping platforms: ArcGIS Online, Google Maps Engine
  • raster formats
  • point cloud formats: Oracle Spatial point clouds, LAS, XYZ
  • spreadsheets and tabular data: Excel, CSV
  • web services and cloud computing platforms: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Socrata, OGC WFS
  • XML based formats: KML, GML
  • and many more

Take Advantage of Advanced Data Transformation

Go beyond simple format translation and ensure data moves to and from Oracle Spatial in a way that preserves its integrity and enables it to work optimally in the target system. FME’s tools create clear pathways for data to move between models through advanced data restructuring and content mapping - all without any coding.

Improve Productivity with Usability and Automation

Free up your time with FME’s features and capabilities aimed at reducing manual effort. FME Desktop’s intuitive authoring environment allows you to configure automated, repeatable transformations quickly and easily.

Further streamline Oracle Spatial data management tasks with FME Server. This enterprise-level deployment of FME technology enables you to create data centralization services and take advantage of scheduling capabilities, real-time data processing and notifications.

Implement a Complete Oracle Spatial ETL Solution

Implement processes whereby data flows seamlessly into and out of Oracle Spatial. With unparalleled support for spatial formats and applications, plus enhanced automation, FME is the only complete spatial ETL solution available today.

About Oracle Spatial

Oracle Spatial is a spatial database management system that provides a platform to centralize, analyze and leverage complex location-based information for enhanced decision making.

Oracle Database Solutions

FME’s support also covers the ETL needs of non-spatial Oracle database management systems.

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