Convert Data from 400 Formats into KML

Take advantage of Google Earth and Maps' enhanced graphics, widely accessible platform and dynamic display capabilities when presenting your data. FME's support for hundreds of formats allows you to easily translate and integrate data from almost any source into KML including:

  • GIS applications
  • Tabular datasets
  • CAD programs
  • Databases
  • Raster files
  • Cloud sources
Google Maps and FME diagram
A Google Maps workflow in FME Desktop

Style Data Points and Add Dynamic Elements

Control display elements with FME's enhanced KML data manipulation tools. Jazz up your Google Earth and Google Maps dashboards by altering colours and shapes of data points, inserting pop-ups and charts, and adding dynamic tours, dynamic content, and links to live feeds.

How to convert to KML and Style It

Stream Live Data from Any Source to Google Earth and Maps

Add FME Server to your Google Earth and Maps KML workflows to automatically stream and display real-time data from any source in a live spatial dashboard.

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Watch a demonstration of FME Server streaming live data to a Google Maps spatial dashboard

About Google Earth and Google Maps

Google Earth and Google Maps are each free and highly available mapping services that display geographic information against enhanced satellite imagery of the Earth.

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