Efficiently Move Data Between GeoMedia & 400+ Additional Formats

Use FME's broad format support and enhanced transformation tools to seamlessly integrate GeoMedia workflows with external data and systems including:

  • Other GIS applications: ArcGIS, MapInfo
  • CAD programs: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • Databases: Oracle & Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, SQL Server, Geodatabase
  • Excel spreadsheets & tabular formats
  • Raster files
  • Web-based mapping applications: ArcGIS Online, Google Maps Engine
  • XML-based
GeoMedia diagram

Also, FME allows you to continue to make use of legacy data with its support for MGE and FRAMME. Transform and migrate data from these into formats that are compatible with today's applications.

Access More Formats within the GeoMedia Environment

Increase the amount of data available to your GeoMedia system using FME's support for its framework and hundreds of additional formats to transform and import data from practically any source.

Improve Productivity with Efficient Workflow Authoring

Configure workflows quickly in FME's intuitive graphical interface - no coding required. Its ease-of-use, automation and flexibility enable you to spend less time fighting with data and more time using it to meet your objectives.

Geomedia and FME
A GeoMedia Pro data transformation workflow in FME Workbench

About GeoMedia Professional

Hexagon Geospatial's (a division of Intergraph Corporation) GeoMedia Professional is a GIS management solution for map generation and the analysis of geographic information with smart tools that capture and edit spatial data.

Webinar: How to Improve Data Exchange in Intergraph

Discover how to easily exchange data with Intergraph solutions including GeoMedia, I/CAD and G/Technology using FME. Through demos this webinar outlines how to:

  • broaden the format reach of your Intergraph solutions
  • create harmony between Intergraph products and other database and GIS systems
  • create repeatable spatial ETL processes
  • convert data from legacy systems
Access Webinar's Slides and Workspaces

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