Easily Move Geospatial Data in and out of Bentley Map

Take advantage of FME's tight integration with Bentley offerings and support for 400+ additional formats and applications that not only allows you to use more data in your familiar GIS environment, but to share your results with others in a format that is useful to them. Efficiently exchange data between Bentley Map and:

Preserve Details with Rich Data Transformation

Non-destructively move data between formats with the ability to precisely restructure, map and reproject its contents. FME's enhanced transformation tools give you complete control over the inner workings of your translations for optimal results in the destination system.

Improve Productivity with Efficient Workflow Creation and Automation

Spend more time using your data and less time fighting with it. FME's intuitive user interface allows you to quickly author transformation workflows that are flexible and reusable. Translations run quietly in the background without the need for manual interference freeing you to work on other important tasks.

Bentley Map data transformation workflow in FME Workbench
A Bentley Map data transformation workflow in FME Workbench

About Bentley Map

A fully-featured GIS extension for MicroStation. It is 3D by nature and designed to meet the specific geospatial modeling needs of infrastructure professionals.

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