Move Data Between InfraWorks and 400+ Formats

Connect Infrastructure Map Server with your other applications and present data to key stakeholders as informative web maps. Using FME you can transform, integrate and share data from 400+ formats including those of:

Get Things Done with Efficient Workflow Authoring

Configure workflows quickly in FME Desktop's intuitive graphical authoring environment. Its usability and time-saving features allow you to spend less time fighting with data and more time using it to meet your civil modeling objectives.

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An Autodesk InfraWorks workspace in FME
FME Desktop's Graphical Environment

Read CityGML directly into the InfraWorks platform with the free CityGML Importer*.

About Autodesk InfraWorks

InfraWorks (formerly Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler) is 3D modeling software that enables civil engineers to collaborate with stakeholders and visualize how planned civil structures will interact within the context of the surrounding proposed site. It features specialty tools for modeling roadways, drainage structures and bridges.

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