Add the Power of Spatial to Tableau

FME provides data preparation and automation for Tableau users, with the best support for geospatial.

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Analyze More of Your Data in Tableau, in Less Time.

Use FME’s drag-and-drop interface to blend data from 345+ file formats and applications and output directly to Tableau data extracts (TDE), with no coding required.

Why Choose FME?

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Data Blending Superpowers

FME lets you combine data from databases, static files, big data, data feeds – literally hundreds of sources. And its transformers give you complete control over your data workflows letting you: generalize data, change coordinate systems, incorporate geocoding, restructure data models; detect and clean bad data; and more.

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#1 at Spatial & Location

FME was designed with geometry in mind. We partner with all of the major vendors in spatial, enabling you to analyze virtually any spatial data in Tableau regardless of complexity or coordinate system. You can also perform spatial analysis and display things like spatial heatmaps, proximity analysis, and routing directly in Tableau.

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Time-Saving Automation

Every workflow created in FME’s visual interface is reusable. This translates into major time savings as there’s no cumbersome code to maintain and workflows are easily updated and shared within your team. You can also update data on a scheduled basis or provide self-serve access.


We don’t follow a subscription model. Buy FME Desktop once and its yours to keep using as long as you want. Full Pricing Details

FME Desktop Professional Edition

$2,250$6,400 USD

Free Trial

Graphical authoring environment

Data inspection application

Support for 345+ formats and applications

475+ data transformers to manipulate data

Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux

Free technical support

Free online instructor-led training

Free first year of annual maintenance

(Note: Annual maintenance is optional. If you want the latest versions of FME, pay 20% of your initial license purchase each year and upgrade as much as you want.)

FME Desktop Database Edition

$6,300$9,500 USD

Free Trial

Includes everything in the Professional Edition

Additional write support for more databases

Note: Pricing displayed above is for end usage in Canada. For pricing specific to other regions, please contact us or your local partner.

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