Automatically Produce Quality Cartographic Labels in FME with the MapTextLabeller Transformer

Create beautiful cartographic map labels using the MapTextLabeller plugin for FME Desktop.

The MapTextLabeller integrates the rules-based label placement and styling capabilities of MapText’s Label-EZ tool into the FME Platform enabling you to concurrently transform your data and automate the creation of high quality labels.

This transformer enables you to quickly configure placement and style rules that will dictate how labels appear in the target application. The result is efficient production of high quality cartographic labels for the features of your maps that are more informative and aesthetically enjoyable - while still having access to FME’s format support, advanced spatial data transformation capabilities, and ability to process large data volumes.

Demo: Cartographic Labelling with FME's MapTextLabeller

Demo: MapTextLabeller Presentation - FME World Tour 2013

MapTextLabeller in Action


Appearance of labels without the use of the MapTextLabeller - the text overlaps the points and lines


Screen shot of the MapTextLabeller dialogue box


Appearance of labels after using the MapTextLabeller - labels are more legible

Support for the Leading Mapping Applications

The MapTextLabeller plugin has been specifically tuned to help you quickly and easily produce quality cartographic labels for the following mapping applications:

  • Esri® ArcGIS®
  • Autodesk® AutoCAD®
  • Intergraph® GeoMedia®
  • Pitney Bowes MapInfo®
  • Bentley® Microstation®
  • Rasters of all kinds via FME’s TextStroker and Rasterizer transformers
Appearance of Vancouver street map labels in ArcGIS, AutoCAD, GeoMedia, MapInfo and Microstation after the use of the MapTextLabeller plugin. Learn More

Labels for other formats, such as Adobe PDF, can also be produced provided the formats use similar font metrics to any of the above list.

Visit the Knowledge Center for more technical information and examples of how the MapTextLabeller is used to produce high quality cartographic labels.

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