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Use FME to generate insight from remote sensing data and build live satellite maps.
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Built-In Support for Top Satellite Providers

Instantly connect to the satellite of your choice and build workflows to automatically give you the output you need.

Access 40+ years of free NASA imagery and 11 spectral bands.

Create advanced band combinations using free ESA imagery with 13 spectral bands.

Work with a rich collection of datasets, updated daily and available at resolutions as precise as sub-meter.

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Use our flexible suite of FME Readers to access almost any dataset hosted on the web, like Earth on AWS.

Tools to Build Your Custom Solution

You have access to multiple sources of live, high-resolution satellite imagery. FME can help you generate the insight you need.

Analysis and Planning Tailored To Your Industry

Satellite maps are valuable for tracking, visualizing change, providing insight, and more. Here are a few examples of how you can use remote sensing workflows.


Track resources, visualize land use trends, and monitor the environment within and around your region. Gain insight for urban planning and infrastructure, predict traffic volume, and mitigate risks.

Agriculture and Forestry

Assess and track vegetation (e.g. NDVI), soil composition, terrain, forest fires, and animal/insect patterns. Predict growth and crop yields, and analyze changing factors over time.


Visualize and track changes like algae growth, icebergs, oil spills, weather, volcanic activity, and air quality. Identify harmful activities like illegal deforestation, fishing, mining, and poaching.

Mining and Oil/Gas

Identify earth composition, monitor assets and resources, assess environmental impact, and mitigate disasters.

Media and Humanitarian

Find, see, and monitor large-scale events and crises, including populations, rescue efforts, natural disasters, and war zones.

Business and More

Track assets, visualize patterns, analyze the environment, and predict trends for a variety of business purposes.

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