Support for Azure Formats & Hundreds More

FME natively supports Azure’s SQL Database, DocumentDB, and Table Storage services so you can migrate data between them and over 400 formats including CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, Oracle, SQL Server, and more. FME also has a library of transformation tools that manipulate data’s structure and contents to fit any system’s model.

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Easily Connect Azure Services to Other Cloud-Based Applications

FME can integrate Azure products with external SaaS and web apps through built-in support for offerings like Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Sheets, ArcGIS Online, Twitter, among others. For cloud-based applications not directly supported, FME enables you to create a web connection to any service with an API. The community-driven FME Hub also broadens support for web applications through user contributions that are accessible by all FME users. For instance, there are several tools for Azure Blob Storage integration.

Automate Azure Data Migration Workflows

Keep Azure databases and all other systems up to date with automation. By deploying data migration workflows via FME Server or FME Cloud, you can configure them to run at scheduled frequencies or in real-time.

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Azure SQL Database Integration

Azure SQL Database is a managed relational database service designed for app development. Through its support for Azure SQL Database, FME enables easy, no-code integration with other cloud-based and on-premises apps. Create workflows that can convert and load any data into SQL Database, and conversely, can convert and migrate its data for use in other systems. Learn More

Azure Cosmos DB Integration

Azure Cosmos DB is a NoSQL database-as-a-service used primarily for managing globally-distributed apps. Through its support enhanced JSON capabilities, and automation, FME can move data between it and practically any application in real-time. Learn more

Azure Table Storage Integration

Azure Table Storage is a NoSQL key-value database for storing semi-structured data that features high capacity and availability. Through its native support for Table Storage, FME lets you create workflows that move data between it and hundreds of other applications. Learn more

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