Support for Azure Formats & Hundreds More

FME natively supports Azure’s SQL Database, DocumentDB, and Table Storage services so you can migrate data between them and over 400 formats including CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, Oracle, SQL Server, and more. FME also has a library of transformation tools that manipulate data’s structure and contents to fit any system’s model.

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Easily Connect Azure Services to Other Cloud-Based Applications

FME can integrate Azure products with external SaaS and web apps through built-in support for offerings like Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Sheets, ArcGIS Online, Twitter, among others. For cloud-based applications not directly supported, FME enables you to create a web connection to any service with an API. The community-driven FME Hub also broadens support for web applications through user contributions that are accessible by all FME users. For instance, there are several tools for Azure Blob Storage integration.

Automate Azure Data Migration Workflows

Keep Azure databases and all other systems up to date with automation. By deploying data migration workflows via FME Server or FME Cloud, you can configure them to run at scheduled frequencies or in real-time.

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Microsoft Azure Marketplace Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Launch FME from Microsoft Azure Marketplace. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to create your own data integration workflows, set up automation schedules, and ensure that data is always where it needs to be.

Launch FME from Microsoft Azure Marketplace

How FME Supports Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Connect data to Microsoft Azure SQL Database in the cloud with FME. Create workflows that convert, transform, and load data into the application of your choice without having to code anything along the way.

Store and Query in the Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB

Use FME to connect data to Cosmos DB, a multi-model database service from Microsoft Azure. Keep data connected and up-to-date by running your custom transformation workflows automatically with FME.

Billions and Billions of Data

Microsoft Azure Table Storage

Microsoft Azure Table Storage is a NoSQL key-value store used for the rapid development of massive, semi-structured datasets. Create workflows in FME that connect data between Table Storage and your other key applications.

All Data on the Table

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

Store your unstructured data in the cloud with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Create custom workflows in FME that transform and connect data directly to Azure Blob Storage without having to code anything along the way.

Structured Storage for Unstructured Data

Microsoft Azure File Storage

Store and manage your files in the cloud with Microsoft Azure File Storage. Connect and sync data with Azure File Storage by creating custom workflows in FME to ensure data is where you need it when you need it.

Store Files in the Cloud

Microsoft Azure Queue Storage

Organize and manage queueing for large workloads with Microsoft Azure Queue Storage. Connect to this cloud service to your other data management applications through FME to ensure all data is available when needed.

Data Messages in Line

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

Incorporate the power of machine learning into FME workflows with Azure AI services. With Text Analytics and Computer Vision capabilities, you’ll be able to extract more data and connect it to your other data systems and applications.

Automate Data Collection with AI

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