Easily Load Data Into ArcGIS for Local Government's Common Information Model

Many local governing bodies are looking to ArcGIS for Local Government's "maps and apps" as a basis for using their GIS more effectively in the efficient management of government activities. Before they can take advantage of these more than 50 templates they must transform their data to conform to ArcGIS for Local Government's common information model.

Fortunately data remodeling is simple with FME technology, the power behind the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension. Using FME technology, either through FME Workbench or through the Data Interoperability Extension within Model Builder, you can easily transform your data to load into ArcGIS for Local Government's common information model and unlock the functionality of a variety of useful maps and applications.

For added simplicity in the case of ArcGIS for Elections apps, there are workflow templates that have been customized to load data into the ArcGIS for Local Government model to specifically enable the deployment of the Election Polling Places and Election Results applications. These FME workflow templates are available for download from ArcGIS Online with more to be made available in the future.