Data Integration for Utilities Companies

"We estimate the money saved in our first year alone is nearly one-million dollars."

- Cindy Tuttle, San Antonio Water System

For over 20 years, FME has been trusted by electrical, natural gas, and water utilities to integrate and deliver information.


Integrate Data from Anywhere

Bring together legacy and external data from 400+ systems, performing QC and preserving data's full integrity


Save Time with Automation

Scheduled, repeatable workflows save effort; prompt support for the latest release of all major data formats enables fast system upgrades


Distribute Data Where It's Needed

Effortlessly provide information to the people who need it using automated data delivery

FME Is Used By Hundreds of Satisfied Utilities Customers Daily

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6 Data Integration Tips for Electric, Gas & Water Utilities

Discover some of the ways utilities are using FME today:

Keep your distribution network information current with automated, high quality data round-tripping.

Receive distribution infrastructure data updates from 400+ sources including CAD, GIS, tabular, 3D, GPS, LiDAR, CIM, and Multispeak.
No more data silos. Provide information back to the design group, executives, and others in the precise formats and models they require using automated workflows.
Produce high quality datasets using automated tools that report, clean, and repair problems before the data is imported.

Deliver high quality network information precisely how it's needed, and receive updated information effortlessly.

Design workflows that provide network information to the people who need it, in the formats and models their systems require using a visual point-and-click interface.
Automated workflows translate external information quickly, ensuring that critical network information is always available in your own system.
Set up workflows once, and have them run automatically at your preferred intervals, keeping information current without human intervention.

Quickly equip responders, customer service agents, and clients with the information they need, wherever they are.

Design workflows that receive incoming data from sensors and personnel in the field, and respond according to business rules to immediately alert the right people.
Equip decision makers with the information they need, in quick-to-access formats such as PDF and Google Maps (KML) and 300+ more, securely online.
Keep customers informed of outages and anticipated uptimes in their area on maps that are easy to read and access online.

FME makes data integration and delivery seamless, while preserving the quality of your critical datasets.

Support for 400+ formats is always maintained - FME supports the latest release of all major data formats so you can upgrade your software systems with confidence. Your workflows will keep working for you.
Set up workflows without writing a single line of code, and let them automatically run on schedule, when triggered by business logic, or on-demand by anyone you authorize.
Perform true integration, preserving all of the data - including CAD annotation and symbology, GIS attribution, and metadata. Nothing is lost in translation.

Hear from Happy Customers

"Think of what you want to have, don't think of what you can do, because FME can do everything."

- Lassi Tani

"FME made the project possible, but also made it faster and easier to do."

- Anton Sandström