Data Exchange & Analytics for Telecommunications

Convert Data Into Location Intelligence

Turn data from any system into intelligence that powers business development, network management, customer retention, and growth. Integrate data from anywhere, perform location-aware analytics, and communicate intelligence to drive results that deliver the competitive edge.

For over 20 years, FME has been trusted by telecommunications companies to exchange and analyze data:


Quickly Exchange Any Data

Enable data to flow between 400+ systems including geospatial, demographic, 3D, PDF, Google Maps, and more with built-in QC, delivering reliable, up-to-date information


Turn Data into Intelligence

Provide self-serve analytics to describe, diagnose, predict, and prescribe, empowering business development, customer retention, and growth


Automate the Flow of Information

Leverage automated workflows that exchange, deliver, integrate, and analyse critical information in real-time while increasing efficiency and reducing costs

Discover some of the ways Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are using FME today:

Leverage best-of-breed systems and databases while enabling information to flow freely between departments. A simple point-and-click interface designs automated workflows that integrate, analyse, and deliver network information where, when and how it's needed.
Maintain 100% accuracy in every data store by automatically sharing distribution network information between systems with automated, real-time updates that leverage complex event processing (CEP) technology.
Use a graphical interface and pre-built tools to design repeatable analytics that combine and transform data from disparate sources into alignment sheets, linear referencing, usage reports, and more.
Reduce network downtime by relaying critical information to power response plans and incident reports, equipping decision makers and responders to speed restoration of service.
Maintain high-quality customer experience by limiting network outage duration and proactively offering uptime information in easy-to-read maps online.
Reduce manual efforts during service disruption by creating automated workflows that leverage complex event processing (CEP) technology to immediately deliver critical outage data using real-time notifications.
Combine information from multiple disparate sources and perform analytics without writing code. A graphical interface and pre-built tools make it fast and simple to design repeatable workflows that transform data into the business intelligence you need.
Proactively manage customer experience and churn with analytics that provide visibility into lucrative customer segments and new revenue streams, exposing opportunities to increase customer retention and growth.
Gain the competitive advantage by harnessing location information information alongside demographics and other data to identify and maximize revenue opportunities.
Set up data integration, exchange, delivery, and analytics workflows and set them to run on schedule, when triggered by business logic, or on-demand by anyone you authorize.
Simplicity doesn't mean a reduction in quality. Perform true data integration, preserving all of the data - including CAD annotation and symbology, GIS attribution, and metadata. Nothing is lost in translation.
Leverage a visual interface and pre-built tools to turn data into intelligence without writing a single line of code, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Hear from Happy Customers

"FME allows me to replicate a lot of the processes I do and I get to spend time doing more interesting things, not the same old mundane process."

- Scott DiGiacinto