Data Integration for Oil & Gas Companies

"In our practice implementing PPDM and Master Data Stores for producers of all sizes, FME has quickly become our tool of choice for developing custom E&P data transformations. It handily deals with spatial and non-spatial ETL in one place - and that reduces time, costs, and complexity."

- Steve Cooper, President, Energy IQ

For over 20 years, FME has been trusted by oil & gas and pipeline companies to:


Integrate Spatial Data from Anywhere

Bring together spatial data from 400+ systems while performing QC, standardization, and preserving data's full integrity


Save Time with Automation

Automation and high throughput ensure that your workflows can process and deliver data and analysis from the largest, most frequently changing datasets


Deliver Business & Compliance Information

Quickly deliver information where, when and how's it's needed to power business decisions, demonstrate compliance, and more

FME Is Used By Hundreds of Satisfied Pipeline and E&P Customers Daily

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Discover some of the ways oil & gas companies are using FME today:

Pull location-specific information from 400+ sources including CAD, GIS, and more, bringing well data, lease maps, surveys, and more real-world location information into the picture.
Quickly convert data to and from all major petroleum industry standards including PPDM and more, using pre-built tools in a graphical interface.
Perform automated quality assurance checks according to your specifications before data is imported, and confidently update your dataset knowing that FME preserves the data's complete information.
Increase the speed and efficiency of producing business information from data, and deliver it to the right people at the right time using automated, repeatable workflows.
Choose best-of-breed technologies without vendor lock-in. FME supports import and export of 400+ data sources, including all major CAD, GIS, database, spreadsheet, and raster formats, as well as popular data sharing formats such as PDF and Google Maps.
Quickly extract valuable information from data and use automated, real-time data delivery tools to distribute the right information to the right people, at the right time.
Automation, self-serve and high throughput capabilities tackle the largest, most frequently changing datasets to extract the information you need, spatialize tabular data, create executive reports, and more - in less time.
Confidently update your dataset with information from 400+ data sources including APDM and PODS. FME preserves the data's complete information and performs quality assurance checks according to your specifications, preventing human error.
Keep information up-to-date with real-time automation and scheduling. Use FME's graphical interface to create workflows that can be run hands-free according to your business rules.
Create reusable workflows that gather asset information and share this valuable business data with those who need it for reporting, compliance, daily operations and more, with support for 400+ target systems, and linear referencing.
Provide pipeline information exactly where, when and how it's needed with support for 400+ data sources and destinations, and automated, repeatable transformation workflows.
Deliver smart, real-time updates to datasets and people through complex event processing (CEP) technology, providing critical maintenance and monitoring data from sensors and field staff to customer service agents and response teams.
Turn data into knowledge without writing code. Use a graphical interface and pre-built tools to design repeatable workflows that transform data into the business intelligence you need, creating alignment sheets, linear referencing, reports, and more.
Gather spatial information from 400+ sources, including CAD, GIS, database, raster, LiDAR, 3D, and more to create the complete picture for making critical business decisions, such as pipeline route selection.
Significantly cut back the time and effort spent on demonstrating compliance. Create reusable workflows that graphically convert complex data into regulatory compliance information whenever it's needed.
Whether you're sharing data with contractors, permitting agencies, or other departments within your organization, FME helps you deliver business information - such as alignment sheets - so that it can be used in the recipients' preferred systems.