Data Integration for Local Government

"FME Server has allowed us to make 3D visualization a standard practice for everyone at Stadt Augsburg without the need for additional software, training, or large amounts of money"

- Rudolf Reinl, Stadt Augsburg

FME has been trusted by local government agencies to deliver location intelligence for over 20 years:


Integrate Data from Anywhere

Bring information together from disparate models and 400+ sources, including geospatial


Deliver a Wealth of Information

Collaborate intelligence & keep decision makers, first responders, & the public informed


Meet Targets

Save time and budget resources, moving data automatically with a point-and-click interface

FME Is Used By Hundreds of Satisfied Government Customers Daily

City of Austin
City of Austin

Discover some of the ways local government agencies are using FME today:

Meet SDI and open data objectives such as National Broadband Map and the All Roads Network (ARNOLD) with time to spare.
Bring information together from disparate systems and conform it to regulated system, data model, and delivery standards including Socrata, Esri, and Google Maps Gallery.
Prevent delays by making critical information available automatically, ensuring that local businesses and citizens can carry development onward.
Spatialize and integrate tabular data into GIS for a location-aware view of assets such as water and sewer systems to strengthen maintenance and growth decisions.
Remove discrepancies and correct errors both during centralization and on an ongoing basis, automatically, equipping decision makers with pure facts.
Provide personnel from any department with intuitive, self-serve access to the asset management data they need, regardless of their target system.
Integrate information from dozens of data types including spatial, GIS, CAD, 3D, XML, LiDAR, and Web Services to support decision making.
Leverage information from businesses, other agencies, disciplines, and platforms for a more complete picture of the truth.
Combine business and spatial data, apply analytics, and automatically distribute information to the right people at the right time.
Empower decision making with integrated facts for transportation & land management, site selection, and more - wherever location and data converge.
Deliver critical information into the hands of those who need it using secure, automated self-serve delivery methods - no coding required.
Provide decision makers the big picture to plan, manage, and implement projects in a timely manner.
Overcome technology and vendor disparities between PSAPs to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate spatially-aware information.
Quickly pass location-aware intelligence on to first responders so they can arrive on scene faster, and prioritize actions based on facts to save more lives.
Gather intelligence from the public via social media and return life-saving information back to the people.

Hear from Happy Customers

"The beauty of FME Server is that you can download any CKAN dataset, in any format, for any area. In most CKAN implementations, you’d get more than a Terabyte, so downloading them for the whole city when you just want a neighbourhood just doesn’t make sense."

- Mark Laudon,
City of Surrey

"With FME on the backend, if there are calculation process changes in the future, there’s lots of flexibility to make these updates without a developer. When the algorithm change needed to be made, I was confident that I could update BAL Plan in under an hour without any panicked phone calls."

- Barrett Higman,
Alpine Shire Council