Data Integration for Federal Government

"By unifying the available data, we estimate that the LGII will reduce search and collection time by 40%.

That decreased duplication and improved efficiency equals a cost savings of nearly 5 million euro."

- Saulius Urbanas, Lithuania National Land Service

For over 20 years, FME has been trusted by civil and defense agencies to deliver location intelligence:


Integrate Data from Anywhere

Make harmony out of data from disparate models and 400+ sources, including geospatial


Deliver a Wealth of Information

Collaborate intelligence and keep decision makers, first responders, and civilians informed


Meet Targets

Save time and budget resources, moving data automatically with a point-and-click interface

FME Is Used By Hundreds of Satisfied Government Customers Daily

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Discover some of the ways federal government agencies are using FME today:

Meet SDI and open data objectives such as EU INSPIRE, National Broadband Map, and NG9-1-1, increasing transparency with time to spare.
Bring information together from disparate systems and conform it to regulated system, data model, and delivery standards including Socrata, Esri, and Google Maps Gallery.
Empower the public by delivering the information they need to know to keep them and their environment safe.
Quickly pass location-aware intelligence on to first responders so they can act on facts instead of guesswork.
Equip first responders with the information they need to arrive on scene faster and accurately prioritize actions to save more lives.
Harvest intelligence from the public via social media and return life-saving information back to citizens.
Empower decision making with integrated facts for land management, site selection, and more - wherever data and location converge.
Securely put critical information in the hands of those who need it using automated self-serve delivery methods - no coding required.
Empower decision makers with the big picture to plan, manage, and implement projects in a timely manner.
Keep ahead of evolving technology and the ever increasing quantity of disparate data types to integrate and instantly make use of urgent intelligence.
Remove data integration problems before they start, allowing federal agencies to spend time on what matters most: public safety.
Collect, filter, and analyze information from vast data volumes to effectively identify threats and share critical knowledge.
Leverage information across platforms, disciplines, departments, companies, and agencies using simple point-and-click tools and automation.
Integrate large volumes of information from dozens of data types including GIS, CAD, 3D, XML, LiDAR, database, Web Services, and more.
Combine business and spatial data, apply analytics, and disseminate location intelligence to the right people at the right time.