Data Integration for Education

Without FME, such a project would have required such intensive manual labor that it wouldn't have been practical to create.

- Niels la Cour, UMASS Amherst

For over 20 years, FME has been trusted by education customers to:


Integrate Data From Anywhere

Bring together legacy and external data from 400+ systems, even creating 3D datasets from 2D information


Save Time with Automation

Scheduled, repeatable workflows support facilities management and campus planning while saving time and effort


Distribute Data Where It's Needed

Make information available precisely where, when and how it's needed with self-serve data delivery

Discover some of the ways education organizations are using FME today:

Bring together information from 400+ sources including CAD, GIS, tabular, 3D, BIM, LiDAR, raster, and more for a campus-wide enterprise information system.
Automated integration workflows share facilities information updates between departments without interrupting existing workflows. Staff retain their best-of-breed software for daily operations.
Perform analytics on facilities information and provide value-add reports, providing business intelligence for future planning.
Design data integration workflows using a visual point-and-click interface, ensuring that facilities information flows seamlessly to the people who need it.
Design workflows that receive incoming data from sensors and staff, and respond according to business rules to immediately alert the right people of outages & leaks for timely remediation.
Set up workflows once, and have them run automatically at your preferred intervals, keeping information current without human intervention.
Integrate 2D data and output a 3D model of the building interiors, exteriors, and the campus for advanced planning and space management.
Create workflows that integrate and analyse information, delivering business intelligence for space management decisions and campus planning efforts.
Set-it-and-forget-it workflows provide on-demand, easy access to business intelligence by decision makers without requiring technical know-how.
Qualifying instructors, students, and graduates can apply for an education grant from Safe Software to receive free FME Licenses. FME Grant Program