Data Integration for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

"You could remove every single piece of software from my desktop, but the one that I would need is FME."

- Roland Martin, Arup

For over 20 years, FME has been used by architecture, engineering, and construction firms to convert and integrate data.


Convert & Integrate Data

Convert data from disparate sources and departments with support for 400+ systems, while performing QC and preserving data integrity.


Save Time with Automation

Scheduled, repeatable workflows save effort. Prompt support for the latest release of all major data formats ensures ongoing compatibility.


Distribute Data As Needed

Effortlessly provide data exactly where, when and how it's needed. Offer self-serve data delivery via the web, eliminating mundane, time-consuming tasks.

FME is Used by Hundreds of Satisfied AEC Customers Daily

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Discover some of the ways architecture, engineering, and construction firms are using FME today:

Make use of data from clients, vendors, and other departments, regardless of which system it originated from. Easily translate data for use in any system you desire.
Details don't need to slip through the cracks during translation. With FME, every attribute is maintained precisely for historical accuracy, for your reference, and for translation into other systems in the future.
Perform required data transformation tasks in a visual interface without writing code. FME is so simple, you can open a workspace and show anyone how the data flows from origin to destination.
Whether you need to integrate database, survey, design, GIS, CAD, BIM, raster, LiDAR, point cloud, or tabular data, FME brings speed, accuracy, and automation. Create conceptualized 3D site plans from 2D datasets, perform coordinate system reprojections, move data between systems, and overcome any other data incompatibility challenge you're facing.
Power better decisions for each project by compiling all relevant data and performing analyses on the results. Make the resulting data securely available to those who need it via a web interface.
Build reusable workflows that automate high volumes of data integration and manipulation tasks, without writing code.
With FME, you can create workflows that spider through drives of existing project data to find information you already have that could be re-used for the current project.
Perform automated quality control checks on your data before it enters your database, on a regular basis within your database, or any time you need it. Keep your data clean for best decision making power.
Build reusable workflows that perform complex data tasks, and make them easily available for your clients, vendors, and colleagues to leverage via the web. Whether they're accessing your data using a web map, performing data translations, or submitting their own data for QC and submission into your database, FME can help.
Whether you need a subset of a dataset from a client, vendor, or an internal system, FME helps you gather the information you need without any impact to the original source.
Convert the data to make it useable. Whether that means translating it for use in a different system, such as CAD to GIS, transforming the data model, or performing coordinate system reprojection, FME can help.
Make data extraction simple, even for non-technical users. Set up a workflow with parameters to extract precisely the required information, and make the service available via the web.

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Webinar - Spatial Data Automation: 3 ways to save time with FME

Data automation has the power to save GIS professionals hundreds, if not thousands, of hours. Learn time-saving techniques for data projections, format conversions, and imagery transformations from special guest speaker, Kate Tunstall, GIS Analyst at Arup.

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