PostGIS Spatial Databases

Move Data in and out of PostGIS

Ease the implementation of PostGIS with other systems using FME's read and write support for it and 400+ vendor and non-proprietary formats.

Spatial ETL Experts

As the world's leading spatial ETL technology, the use of FME with PostGIS ensures its seamless integration with data sources and end-user applications, spatial or otherwise. Its powerful transformation tools are designed to carefully preserve attribution, restructure geometry, and reproject coordinate systems to maintain the integrity of the original dataset during translation.

Use FME to Transform Data between PostGIS and:

  • GIS applications: ArcGIS, MapInfo, Smallworld
  • CAD applications: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • Web mapping applications: Google Maps Engine, ArcGIS Online, OpenStreetMap
  • Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server
  • Tabular data: Excel, CSV
  • Cloud computing systems: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Socrata
  • and many more formats and applications
Demo showing FME Workbench being used to translate data from MapInfo to PostGIS and then prepared for ArcGIS

Efficient Workflow Authoring

PostGIS transformation workflows are configured quickly in FME Desktop's no-code, graphical interface, and for greater efficiencies save workspaces for reuse, easily adjusting components to suit changing requirements.

PostGIS Example viewed in the FME Workbench
This FME workspace inserts, updates and deletes objects in a PostGIS database. It can be saved and reused for ongoing database management tasks.

Automated PostGIS Database Management

For ongoing PostGIS database management, use FME Server or FME Cloud to automate data loading, transformation and distribution tasks with job scheduling capabilities, notification services, and real-time data handling.

The use of FME Server and FME Cloud connects your PostGIS database with mobile devices.

About PostGIS

PostGIS is a spatial extender for the PostgreSQL open source, enterprise class database system that adds support for geographic objects. It is an appealing solution for organizations who don't wish to be tied to vendor software.