Netezza Spatial

More Format Interoperability and Data Transformation Capabilities for Netezza Users

Only FME® gives you unlimited flexibility to restructure, reformat, and integrate more than 400 different spatial and non-spatial data formats. With FME, it's easier to solve more of your data interoperability problems, so you can work on your terms - with the formats, applications, and environments you want to use.

Today, FME is the dominant technology for spatial data transformation. If Netezza is your data warehouse of choice, FME can streamline your workflows, reading and writing to and from Netezza and a wide range of GIS, CAD, database, and other formats. At the same time, powerful transformation tools enable you to manipulate both the geometry and attribution of your data on the fly. And for high-demand data loading or distribution, look to FME Server for job automation, scheduling, and highly flexible data distribution options, including web services.

Achieve total spatial data mastery with FME and Netezza.