Google Fusion Tables

Gather and Share Data Online in Minutes

Google™ Fusion Tables™ offers a flexible way to gather, visualize and share data online. FME® helps you take the possibilities to the next level by making it extremely fast and easy to get data from over 400 formats into Google Fusion Tables so that you can share it with anyone who needs it.

Offering a simple graphical user interface (GUI), FME makes it fast to:

  • Load a wide range of data (GIS, CAD, and nonspatial) into Fusion Tables using FME
  • Extract and incorporate data found in Fusion Tables
  • Perform ETL on data from Fusion Tables

Whether you need to load data in or gather data from Google Fusion Tables, FME offers the quick, intuitive solution.

Did you know that FME also supports Google Earth / Maps? Find out more