XML Data

Read and Write XML Data

Efficiently move data in and out of this complex structure without any coding using FME's read and write support for XML data and over 400 other formats.

Advanced Data Model Transformation

FME has a library of tools designed specifically for XML data transformations so you can map data to and from its schema to suit your exact needs. FME lets you:

  • extract and transform subsets of XML data
  • update only the changed elements of a document
  • manipulate and update metadata
  • validate that a dataset fits the requirements of the destination data model
  • and more complex XML transformations
Watch a demonstration of FME being used to write XML from CSV

Spatial Data and XML

FME is particularly useful for those used to working with spatial data. Its tools efficiently transform data between flat, tabular and relational structures and the nested, object-oriented structure of XML.

FME ships support for several XML-based formats out-of-the-box including:

  • GML
  • INSPIRE reading
  • AIXM 5.1 reading
  • CityGML
  • and more

Efficient Workflow Authoring

FME Desktop's intuitive graphical interface is a no-code solution for XML workflow configuration. Quickly set up your data transformations and save workspaces for reuse. Components are easily adjusted to suit changing transformation requirements.

An xml workflow in FME Workbench
An XML workspace in FME Desktop that transforms AIXM to JSON without any code.

Stream XML with FME Automation

As XML is the standard for transmitting data between web services, FME helps you quickly integrate these solutions with your systems. The addition of an FME Server or FME Cloud license gives you the power to automate these interactions through XML data streaming, job scheduling, and real-time data handling.

About XML


XML is a widely used, open standard format for transporting and storing data with which many organizations struggle.

Take the XML Challenge

You don't have to fear XML anymore. FME makes it simpler to work with this complex data and we want to prove it. Send us your problem to XML@safe.com. We'll examine your particular challenge and show you how easy it can be to work with XML.