Sensor Data and the Industrial Internet

Make Sense of Your Sensor Data with FME

Derive useful, actionable information from sensors with FME's ability to read and process sensor messages, analyze them and identify significant events, then execute appropriate responses to these events - all automatically and in real-time.

Efficiently Overcome the Challenges Involved in Using Sensor Data

Organizations have become aware of how much intelligence they can gain from the sensor networks that capture information for different physical factors related to operations - readings of temperature, pressure, and flow rate are just a few examples - and they are looking for ways to efficiently incorporate this data into decision making. However, the large volume of data, format interoperability issues, and a lack of automation capabilities can make it a challenge to leverage sensor data as useable information in a timely and coordinated way.

FME Server is a complete sensor data processing solution that enables users to productively overcome all of the complications associated with utilizing sensor data. FME technology supports data transformation and integration between JSON, XML and CSV - the most common formats for raw sensor messages - and hundreds of other data types and applications, enabling you to use sensor data effectively with other data and in any system you need. The addition of an FME Server license broadens your sensor processing capabilities by giving you the ability to:

  • automate FME sensor data transformation workflows
  • handle large volumes of sensor messages
  • execute complex analyses to identify events
  • automatically inform users or systems of events
  • accomplish tasks in real-time

Accomplish Complex Analysis with Sensor Networks

Use FME to automatically perform in-depth analysis simultaneously on large amounts of sensor data. Configure FME Server workflows to compare incoming sensor messages historically, spatially and against set rules, identify significant events, and execute complex calculations.

Alert People and Systems of Sensor Events in Real-Time

FME Server's capabilities include real-time data processing which complements the use of sensor networks - where the data is more effective for decision making when it is processed as soon as it becomes available. Set up rules that immediately execute the response you desire whenever certain criteria are met - whether it is to send a notification to stakeholders via email or SMS text message, or to alert a system to take action - including signalling FME Server to commence a certain workflow.

For sensor processing scenarios that require high-capacity message streaming capabilities, FME Server connects to the Java Messaging Service (JMS) which is designed to deal with these situations. FME Server can be configured to either send messages into the JMS or read messages from it and process them as they arrive, allowing you to integrate the two systems with each other and any other applications or devices you desire.

Connect to Sensor Data Management Platforms

FME Server easily connects to commonly used sensor data management platforms like Valarm and Xively so you can adopt its unique capabilities without disruption to your existing sensor network system.

Maximize the Value of Sensor Data

With FME Server, you can be sure that incoming sensor data is immediately handled in the way you desire, so you can take advantage of this real-time information when making critical business decisions.