Quickly Share Spatial Data With Anyone

Organizations are aware of the importance of spatial data as business intelligence and conversion to PDF is the solution for making spatial data more widely available to stakeholders. Many people require spatial data to make informed decisions but lack the necessary programs or training to use it to their advantage. A PDF, on the other hand, can be viewed by anyone through the free Adobe Reader.

With FME, any supported spatial data format can be easily and quickly converted to richly informative geospatial PDFs and 3D PDFs. FME's highly customizable and flexible transformation capabilities enable you to produce more informative PDFs from your spatial data that can subsequently be shared with colleagues and stakeholders.

Use FME to:

  • Create PDFs from mashups of disparate datasets
  • Retain more of the original information in the final PDF
  • Control how the information is displayed in the PDF output for a clearer and more accurate visual representation of spatial data

Self-Serve Access to Spatial Data

Organizations using FME Server have the added capability of being able to provide self-serve access to their spatial databases through automated and customizable conversion of data to PDF via the web. GIS departments and database administrators no longer have to be responsible for meeting frequent requests for data conversion allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Whether it's a single map or an entire spatial database you need to share, FME's technology enables flexible, customizable and automated conversion to PDF so that vital spatial information is available to anyone who needs it in the most efficient manner possible.