CAD and GIS Integration Solutions

Achieve Complete CAD GIS Interoperability

Move data between a wide variety of CAD and GIS formats and extract more value from your spatial applications. By broadening the accessibility of this information you can achieve more with individual programs and improve decision making across your organization.

FME is trusted by thousands of professionals to successfully integrate CAD and GIS data.

“You could remove every single piece of software from my desktop. But the one that I would need is FME.”

Roland Martin, GIS Consultant at ARUP

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Exchange Data between Many Common CAD and GIS Formats

FME supports:

  • ArcGIS
  • MapInfo
  • GeoMedia
  • Smallworld
  • AutoCAD
  • MicroStation
  • Intergraph G/Technology
  • and more

FME also supports hundreds of additional formats across data types like databases, spreadsheets, rasters, BIM, XML, cloud-based applications and many others.

Accomplish More than Straight Format Conversion

Preserve rich details like GIS attribution and CAD annotation and symbology through data transformation. More than a data translation tool, FME allows you to manipulate data’s contents and structure to fit the precise requirements of the target system.

Improve Productivity with Efficient Workflow Authoring and Automation

Quickly author data integration workflows in FME Desktop’s intuitive, graphical interface - no coding required. Once configured, transformations run hands-free in the background allowing you to focus on other tasks.


Converting CAD to GIS

Converting GIS to CAD

Round Tripping Data Between Systems

Webinar: How to Exchange Data between CAD and GIS

Learn how you can gain total control over data exchange. Through demos this presentation will show you how you can:

  • transform virtually any data for use in your preferred spatial application
  • preserve CAD annotation when converting to GIS
  • turn GIS data and attributes into clean CAD drawings
  • and much more

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