Efficiently Move Any Data into Socrata

Transform and load data from hundreds of source formats and applications into Socrata's open data portal using automated workflows created with FME and increase the amount of data available to the members of your public.

Provide Open Access to Data from Hundreds of Sources

Use FME's support for over 400 data sources to load practically any data into Socrata and share it with stakeholders in an open and easily accessible way. FME's data transformation capabilities enable you to write to Socrata from:

  • databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • tabular formats: Excel, CSV
  • GIS applications: ArcGIS, MapInfo
  • other cloud-based solutions: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services
  • XML-based formats
  • and many more
Watch a demonstration of the FME Socrata writer where data is read from an Excel file and loaded into the Socrata platform.

Improve Productivity with Quick Workflow Creation and Automation

Configure Socrata data loading workflows quickly in FME Desktop's intuitive graphical authoring environment. Once constructed, processes run automatically allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities. For even greater productivity, use FME Server or FME Cloud to further automate data loading tasks by taking advantage of self-serve data transformation, job scheduling and real-time data processing capabilities.

Webinar: Open Data… Automated! Using FME with Socrata

Learn how to share your organization's data with the public without taxing resources by combining the power of Socrata and FME. Through demos this webinar outlines how to:

  • use Socrata's open data platform to manage and share your data
  • use FME to transform data from practically any source and publish it to Socrata
  • automatically update data to Socrata with FME

Access the webinar, slides & workspaces