Move Data into and out of Minecraft

Visualize and share data through an interactive, 3D environment using the power of FME to transform data between Minecraft and hundreds of other formats.

Load Any Data into the Minecraft Gaming Platform

FME’s support for the Minecraft format and over 400 other data sources allows you to convert and load practically any data into your Minecraft world for use however you need. For example, build interactive 3D environments from GIS and CAD data that you can subsequently share with your audience. Write to Minecraft from:

  • GIS: ArcGIS, MapInfo
  • CAD: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • BIM: IFC, Revit, SketchUp
  • raster formats
  • point clouds
  • databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL & PostGIS
  • XML-based formats: KML, GML, CityGML
  • spreadsheets and tabular formats: Excel, CSV
  • and many more

FME is also able to read data from a Minecraft world and transform it for use how you need in practically any application.

Mt. Rainier represented in Minecraft, written from ArcGIS and DEM data.

Take Advantage of Efficient Workflow Authoring and Automation

Configure Minecraft transformation workflows quickly in FME Desktop’s intuitive graphical interface. Once built, processes run automatically in the background and can be saved and reused for ongoing Minecraft tasks. For greater efficiencies, add an FME Server or FME Cloud license and take advantage of the ability to implement Minecraft data loading and distribution services, and enhanced automation capabilities like job scheduling, notifications and real-time data processing.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is an interactive open world video game that includes the ability to construct things out of texture cubes and create 3D environments. Scenes are essentially comprised of a cluster of cubes which behave similarly to a point cloud. FME has many point cloud tools which enables it to interact with Minecraft in different ways relatively easily including the use and sharing of data from different sources with its platform.

Webinar: Geospatial and Minecraft

Learn how Minecraft is being used as a gaming approach to real-world scenarios by looking at actual examples. This presentation also shows you how you can integrate GIS CAD, and BIM data with Minecraft in an automated way.

Access webinar, slides and workspaces

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